30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction


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Hello Beautiful Woman ~

Have you ever felt the tightness of financial insecurity? It often manifests as physical discomfort in the body. Your chest gets tight, you breathe shallow breaths, and crying is all too easy. You might feel sick to your stomach, feel shaky, or lose focus.

This feeling of financial constriction shows up when we lose trust that we are taken care of, and when we lose our connection with our internal peace. 

You see, by default, you are made to live a rich and healthy life.

That is how it’s supposed to be, and that is your natural state of being. 

You are meant to feel happy, and to be safely supported.

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Yet it’s also so easy to feel cut off from your internal peace, and to feel disconnected from the financial possibilities in your business and life. 

~ Even if you are making decent money, you might find that you are constantly concerned over whether it will be enough.

~ Maybe you’re juggling money between bank accounts, so that you can make all of your monthly payments.

~ The money that you do make never seems to last long enough.

~ Finding clients sometimes feels hard, and when you do get new clients, you’re often concerned that they won’t be able to pay you.

~ You feel like you should be earning more money through your business by now. After all, you’ve been doing what you felt you needed to do to make your business thrive, but your income is still not flowing in as smoothly as you’d like it to.


How do I know about all of these discomforts?

I’ve felt ALL of them.


There was a point in my life, business, and finances where it all looked pretty bleak:

~ I was living on edge, transferring measly amounts of money into bank accounts to try to pay for things.

~ My business was making money, but the income fluctuated, and I didn’t truly believe that I could bring in enough income to ever be comfortable.

~ At one point, I had less than a dollar in my bank account.

~ I once had to borrow money to pay rent, and then felt unworthy and full of  shame and guilt for asking for help.

~ I was trying to cut corners and live off of $20 -$30 a week for groceries. That didn’t go very far, especially with my commitment to eating organically grown food.

~ When I traveled, I would sneak into Starbucks cafes to use the wireless internet so I could transfer money to be able to purchase my next meal.

~ When I flew to conferences and went on vacations, I often didn’t have enough money in my bank account to cover the trip. I would then have anxiety attacks in airports and breakdowns in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

~ I was “financially constricted,” and my physical body was experiencing just as much constriction as my bank account. (Like tightness of breath, low blood circulation, and sluggish digestion.)

~ I was so preoccupied with the appearance of monetary lack, that it became my reality. I also wasn’t focused on being generous toward the people I cared about. I was trying to survive, and it was all about me.


Everything is much different now


Dancing at pond point

One sentence changed everything:

“Thirty days of feeling wonderful is all you need to manifest the biggest of dreams you’ve ever had.”

~ Abraham Hicks


As a last effort to make my business thrive (well, it was more like “anti-effort.”), I decided to dedicate a period of 30 days to enjoy all of the healthy pleasures that surrounded me. I was curious to see if increasing my happiness would also increase my financial success.


I set aside struggle, ditched my type-A perfectionist self,  and I made the commitment to embrace my natural happiness.

For one month, I would say yes to whatever felt good for me, and whatever made me happy.

This was the first step in releasing my own financial constriction.

Everything changed after that first 30 days, and soon, I starting leading women through the same process, which was originally called 30 Days of Wonderful. In fact, all of my programs and services are based on the idea that when you feel good, good things flow to you. And they truly do!


As my clients began to focus on health, pleasure and happiness, some pretty wonderful experiences showed up in their lives :

~ They’ve been given travel opportunities

~ New ideal clients have contacted them within minutes of our coaching calls

~ Surprise income has shown up in all sizes (from pennies to multiple thousands of dollars)

~ They feel more deeply engaged in romance

~ They feel less overwhelmed and stressed

~ Chronic health concerns are released as their financial constriction is released

~ They can’t stop talking about how happy they are

~ New business opportunities have shown up

~ One woman who participated in 30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction even received an invitation to be featured in a new documentary film


Here are several stories from clients who have released their financial constriction:


Thank you Ava! What an amazing experience to work with you. And the timing of your class was PERFECT! I have been “tryMarcy Sullivaning” to figure out why I have been making less money this year, and why I feel so “fearful” around money. Over the past year my business, my car, AND my personal life all seemed to be sputtering and trying to stall. And then, over the last 30 days, there have been several amazing shifts in my life …each an amazing gift.

First BIG gift: I had been introduced to a couple working on a documentary about the symbol, Phi. I had no assumptions that this would involve me; I was only interested in learning more about what they were discovering. Then Ava’s class started. The 1st assignment was small and easy, I did it. I tipped the waiter twice my usual amount and I went for a walk downtown to enjoy some of the fun shops and feel luxurious. Then, I met with the documentarians, focusing on what they could impart to me. To my surprise, they wanted an in-depth interview with me! We talked for a couple hours and then they photographed my art, mathematical journaling, and symbol doodling. The next day they posted a thank you to ME on both Facebook and Twitter, thanking me for sharing MY knowledge …WOW!

Second BIG gift: After the 3rd class, I was feeling very constricted, and having a LOT more problems with my car. Then my wife started talking about getting a new/used car. This time, I stopped saying “no” and instead found myself saying, “Let’s manifest exactly what we want.” So we verbalized exactly what we wanted, stating to the universe that we wanted to spend only $6,000 – $8,000. With this in mind, we started focusing on used cars.

The next evening there was a commercial on TV that said, “Are you looking to buy a used car? If so, come see me first. We’re selling our fleet of 2013 Kia Souls for ½ price. Yes, that’s ½ price!” So the next morning my wife called the dealership, learned that the sale has just started, and it was “1st come 1st served”. So she immediately drove up to Tacoma to get OUR car. After getting the car keys, she was told that we had purchased the last car from the remaining 4. AND, we were able to get our $23,000 car (Tax & licensing included) for only $12,643 (Tax & licensing included).

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! During all of this, Tex had called my parents to see if we could borrow the money from them. They were more than willing, and said they would like to gift us $5,000 to put toward the car. This brought our loan amount down to $7,643 (Tax & licensing included!). Yes, we had successfully manifested our dream car …and at the exact price we had stated!!! Just like Ava kept talking about! Thank you Ava!!!”

~ Marcy J. Sullivan DC,
Healing with Clarity PS,
Olympia, WA



PhotoAva is amazing not only at helping you to develop your business, but to come into alignment with your abundance.
I signed up for one of her programs when I had very little money. I put it on a credit card (gulp) and received more than that the following week when my first coaching client signed up to work with me! There is truly a cosmic element and Ava is amazing at helping you tap into that!”

~ Staci Tye

Intuitive Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker



Nicolette-Rey Sison-Newest Headshot“Thanks for your energy and inspiration, Ava! I learned a lot from your solid business advice and also loved that you reminded us how much the energy that we put out affects whether we attract clients or not. Since starting my work with you, I have been more easily attracting clients in both my voice teaching business and my entertainment company. I now have double bookings on some nights and I already have some clients booking months in advance. Thanks for your support.”





Nellie“Changing your alignment and energy surrounding money can work WONDERS for wealth! Positive money energy WORKS! I have two semi-unexpected checks in the mail now and I really believe a big reason is because of my new alignment and energy around money! Turns out I am getting a $500 check for my car that got damaged recently. It should be in the mail this week. I also have $800 from old scholarship money at my college that I never used that they are mailing me this week.”

~ Nellie Goldsmith, Holistic Mental Health Coach


file0001894567023“The very best thing that has come out of this 30 Days is a wonderful man that came into my life.  It feels so good to be with someone who I enjoy thinking about being with for a long time. He is motivated, kind, and good looking! Putting myself first gives me the ability to enjoy being around him more. And the more wonderful I feel, the more attractive I become!

This program was a great opportunity for me. Thank you!”

N.L.O.  Atascadero, CA



Once I released my financial constriction, my own life also became VERY different:

~ In one month, I signed on enough clients to account for almost all of my business income from the entire previous 12 months.

~ I realized that by just being who I am, and doing the things that make me most happy, new clients show up in my life.

~ I traveled to Europe for a 22-day work trip, which included 2 business photo shoots, meeting my assistant, who is based in Bern, Switzerland, and also filming work videos on the European continent.

~ I developed a way to talk to myself that helps ease fear and discomfort when it shows up in my life.

~ I wake up excited and happy, even with grey weather outside.

~ My days are now filled with dance breaks that make my body tingle.

~ I work only 4 days a week. This change opened up time for more adventure, enjoyment, and time with the people who matter to me.

~ I received an invitation to speak about my company to an audience of over 1,000 people, and my first keynote speech yielded over $7,000.

~ I was gifted with air travel in first class.Black & white Ava Geneva

~ New fun clients signed up to work with me.

~ I now have faith that I am always taken care of.

~ I hired a business coach that I’d wanted to work with for years, and then I hired a second private coach to support me in building my income.

~ I’ve also had the privilege of investing over $130,000 toward my education, my business, and in the mentors who have coached me privately. I take everything I’ve learned through that $130,000 of investments and gift it to my own clients.


You are invited to come along for the same 30 Day journey.

 30 Days invite May2015

30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction is right for you if:

~ You’ve ever felt upset with yourself for not being able to bring more money and more opportunities in to your business.

~ Wealth consciousness resources have been showing up everywhere in your life, and you see it as a sign that you are FINALLY ready to understand how more money can flow to you, and how you energetically influence the world around you.

~ Perhaps you grew up feeling like there was never enough (never enough money, and never enough good food available), and you’re ready to shake free of those beliefs and experience a world that is overflowing with resources.

~ You sometimes get nervous whenever you make a sale. You may fear that you might lose the deal later, or that you’ll waste all of the money, or that you’ll have to pay a ton of new taxes on this income. (These are all fears that keep women from making more income.)

~ Sometimes you hoard and hold tight to the money that you do have, because you worry that it might not be there for you later.

~ You sometimes snack when it’s not necessary. It’s a way to comfort yourself, in case there isn’t enough later. (We do tend to treat food like we treat money ~ It’s all related.) This over-snacking has been hard for your health, and especially difficult on your digestive system.

~ You’ve been working very hard for money (often with minimal results), and you sometimes neglect your self-care and romantic life. You miss relaxing with a good book or hot bath, and your sweetheart misses relaxing with you.


Here’s what we’ll be doing in our month together:


Call 1 ~ Clear out stagnation and let it flow!

Recording available immediately upon purchase

In our first week together, you’ll get clear on where you constrict yourself in health, life, business, and love. After you identify and shift these patterns, your financial patterns can change too.

During our first week, you will:

~ Identify where you hold on to constriction in your physical body

~ Notice and unravel the limiting financial patterns and habits you picked up from your childhood and environment that are keeping money away.

~ Clear out stagnation through dietary adjustments, mindset shifts, and totally new ways of treating money.

~ Begin taking low-risk leaps of faith with the way that you treat money.


Call 2 ~ Make Love to Money

Recording available immediately upon purchase

This week, we’ll be looking at the connections between money and romantic intimacy. The two are intricately related to each other. If you’re saying no to one, you’re probably saying no to the other. Now it’s time to open up to more pleasure, especially around money.

Notice what feelings came up for you when I said: “Make love to money.” Did you get embarrassed? Did that feel dirty to you? Is it inappropriate? The feelings that just came up are an indicator of how you are presently treating money.

To begin making love to money, we’ll be doing several things:

~ You’ll experience the pleasure of money through a variety of real-life activities that will bring you into a more loving relationship with your finances.

~ I’ll be sharing about certain foods that correspond with healing of the energy centers that are related to money, the digestive system, sexuality, and safety.

~ I’ll share about the pleasure-based activities that allowed me to double my income from one month to the next.

~ You’ll also be asked to relocate to several specific places to form a more intimate bond with money. (This practice will cost no more than $4.)


Call 3 ~ Live by Universal Laws of Prosperity

  Recording available immediately upon purchase

I was shocked when I realized that what I learned as a child about money and how the world works was NOT true. We’re actually governed by Universal Prosperity Laws. These insure that you are always taken care of. Yes, you! You are always taken care of, and the Universe has your back!

During this class, you will:

~ Understand how to utilize some of the easiest laws of prosperity to create more income

~ Easily let go of the items, people, and beliefs that are no longer serving you

~ Receive recommended reading lists that will take you deeper into understanding Universal Laws of Prosperity

~ Start testing out and proving to yourself, that yes, you do create your reality.


Call 4 ~ Make Money Right Now

  Recording available immediately upon purchase

Now it’s time to make money! Together, we’re going to map out what you need to do next to open up extra income channels, especially channels where you are paid for all of your passions!

During our last week together, you’ll learn:

~ What steps you’ll need to take in your business to bring in more income right away.

~ Learn 3 ways to create money within the next 24 hours!

~ Where you need to un-kink financial constriction in your business. We’ll chat about some of the very practical ways that you are likely blocking money from flowing toward your business.

~ I’ll also share more about continuing resources for those of you who are serious about making more income through your business.


On top of all of the recorded calls, the absolute most important day-to-day intention is that this month feels like bliss. When you make a commitment to go through this program, you’ll be making a commitment to choose activities that feel wonderful for you.


30 Days invite May2015

The live program sold for $480 per person.

Purchase the digital program for just $380

Your payment can be completed with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, or Paypal Credit



photo of TammyOne little Ava-ism completely re-framed a negative belief I had in my business and also gave me a record breaking $2323 day. Before speaking to Ava, I had the belief that going on holidays in my business meant complete poverty and no clients when I came back. Ava said one little sentence – ‘Traveling is my best marketing campaign’ – and it clicked. The day after I came back from 2 weeks in Hawaii, I had a record breaking $2323 day and I was ‘in the flow’ for the next 2 completely booked out weeks.

I also shared this gold nugget with a business mentor of mine and it has completely changed her business trips.
-Tammy Guest, Naturopath



“I want to share my excitement about money that Naomi Smelling the flowersshowed up for me after making an initial private coaching payment to work with you. The payment was made in faith that money would return to me and fill what space had opened up. Within one week of making this payment, a client signed up for long term work with me and paid in full. The payment was $1640! Thank you for exposing me to the Vacuum Law, to Florence Scovel Shinn, and to abundance mind sets. This is so mind boggling in its simplicity and sweetness. Life is so juicy. Thanks for sharing these secrets with me!!”

~ Naomi


The Value

The amount of support you’ll receive in this digital program is worth thousands.  (Many of my private clients invest that much for individual guidance.) It’s an opportunity for you to be involved in this joyful financial process at a very low investment.

 Purchase the digital version of this program for just $380

 Your payment can be completed with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, or Paypal Bill Me Later/Paypal Credit


So, what are your excuses?

photo of Ava in bath tub(I know you probably have a few)

If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance that you are meant to engage in this program. It’s time for you to release your financial constriction, and to open up to a flow of money, opportunities, love, and all of the other good stuff in life.

And I also know that you might have some reservations about being part of this group. Let me guess what they might be…


“I don’t have the money.”

Yep, I’ve had that excuse too. And that same excuse almost held me back from an opportunity that ended up bringing an extra $40,000 into my business. $40,000! I remember back to that moment, when I was considering whether to spend a few hundred dollars on something I knew I needed to support my income and my financial mindset. I almost said no, but then I caught Ava with Hundredsmyself. How was I ever going to have a better relationship with money if I kept getting freaked out by the idea of circulating money and sending it out from me? I knew that I needed to heal these money wounds, so I said yes to the opportunity, and sent out several hundred dollars.

Your membership in 30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction could lead to thousands of dollars, just like it did for me, or it could lead to something else that is just as great.  You won’t know unless you go for it.

This group is also really affordable. I know people who spend the cost of the program each month on cell phone service for their family. It’s a very easy investment, and, it begins the flow of money. Send it out, and it will come back.


“I’ll be taking money away from other important things to pay for this group.”

That thought comes from a place of lack. I’ve had my fair share of feelings like that, where I thought that I’d be “stealing” money from somewhere else. From my experience, I’ve found that every time I’ve invested in a group, the money moved around, and I always had enough for the other things that I required.


“I only participate in groups if there is a guarantee and if the membership cost is refundable.”

I only accept people into this program who are fully committed to releasing their financial constriction. With that, I expect your full financial commitment to being here with us.

Refunds are not available for this program, and I’ve set it up this way for a very particular reason: If I gave you a back door, and a way out, our 30 days becomes a less powerful experience. The moment when my own finances changed was when I made the commitment to be part of a $17,000 coaching program, and when I signed a contract requiring that I pay that full $17,000. That commitment was the reason that I learned how to make money through my business, and I expect everyone who takes part in 30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction to be just as committed to their own growth.


“I’ll be too busy.”

Then you’ll probably always be too busy (and I’ve found that busy people are often spending too much time wearing themselves out by taking actions that don’t bring in very much money.)

A lot of people get stressed over money, when they could easily be enjoying a much richer life. 30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction is not about stress or busy-ness. It is about happiness and pleasure! We bring pleasure into your life, and let the financial opportunities find you.

Do you want to keep experiencing financial anxiety in your business this year? Or would you prefer to sit back with a cup of tea, and revel in the fact that you are powerful, beautiful, and completely worthy of being doted on by money?


30 Days invite May2015

 Purchase the digital version of this program

Your payment can be completed with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, or Paypal Bill Me Later/Paypal Credit


Want to join the group for FREE?

Access to 30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction is completely *free* or available at a very low scholarship rate when you are part of a private coaching program with Ava. If you’d like to learn more about working with Ava individually, please email us at Support@AvaWaits.com.


A few more details

30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction is open to passionate and kind women who are committed to happiness, more fun, and releasing constriction in their lives.

Please understand that this program is not for women who are deeply depressed, and those who are not ready to express a positive and supportive attitude in our group environment.

This program does not take the place of advice from a financial professional, such as a CPA or financial planner. If you would like a referral to one of these professionals while you are in the program, I have many great colleagues to connect you with.

You’re likely going to see a lot of other improvements that you’re not expecting when you take part in this program. The focus of our 30 Days is to find what makes you feel amazing, beautiful, and confident. It spills over into all parts of your life. You and your sweetheart might just experience a deeper sense of intimacy. Or if you’re single, you might just magnetize that special someone to you (this happened to a woman in one of our previous groups, and I remember how happy she was when she shared the good news). On top of releasing your financial constriction, you may also attract ideas, clients, and new opportunities of all kinds.


Are you ready to release your financial constriction?

Purchase the digital version of this program








Ava Waits


P.S. My personal rule in the development of this program has been to create the content, and what you’re reading now, as I feel wonderful, excited, and at ease. The program is dedicated to ease in your finances, ease in your health, and ease in opening up to new opportunities and income.

P.P.S. Have you noticed in your life that saying YES to something automatically opens up miracles? This would be one of those moments.


 Purchase the digital version of this program

Your payment can be completed with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, or Paypal Bill Me Later/Paypal Credit

 30 Days invite May2015



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A note about the success stories shared on this page:

We’ve gathered some of the most exciting success stories from Ava’s private clients and participants in 30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction. As with all coaching programs and groups like this, we can never promise that you will experience the same results or financial gains. Your successes will depend on your background, business education, and willingness to explore and use the guidance in 30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction. By participating in this program, you are accepting full responsibility for your results.