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The Wealthy Woman

The Wealthy Woman is here to make a difference in many lives. She has found her calling, and said yes to it, over and over again.
Along the way, there were many times when she wondered if her dreams could come true, if it was all possible, and if she’d be able to afford it all.
Then she learned about Universal truths, which insure her success. Ever since then, she has lived in a state of trust, and knows that her dreams are meant to come true.
She is now more connected to her own magic than ever before. Happy opportunities seem to fall into her lap. She creates a delicious life every day, and it keeps getting better and better. As she connects to this magic, money begins to flood to her, and happy clients come forward with readiness. She feels rich, she feels successful, and lives a life of incredible joy.
Her idea of rich doesn’t look like the stereotypes. It doesn’t necessarily include mansions or sports cars, though it may (or she borrows these every now and then.) The Wealthy Woman may be backpacking through the Alps, so she can admire the turquoise lakes, and caress the flowers growing on the hillside. She may be living in a home she’s wanted to own since she was very young, and every time she steps inside it, she laughs with contentment. She may be on silent retreats in the shimmering countrysides of India, or enamored with roadside restaurants in Vietnam, which from the outside may look like beaten up shacks.
She defined riches for herself.
In the process, she stepped into a delicious life that gives her everything she’s ever wanted.
And making money feels like bliss.
If creating money was once hard for her, it now feels easy. She’s just not worried about it now, and dollars and euros no longer hold the emotional charge that they once did. She has tapped into the bank of the Universe, and can create income on demand. If her funds ever feel a touch low, she doesn’t let it debilitate her. She knows how to create more money whenever she needs it, and she does. In the process, she changes lives.
She appreciates how her free-flowing income can be circulated toward businesses she believes in. With this money, she happily books trips to day spas, has a housecleaner whenever she needs one, and pays for financial guidance so her money can continue to grow. Her income gives her plane tickets, trips abroad, and the opportunity to share the gift of travel with people she loves. The Wealthy Woman also happily pays for quiet afternoons in restaurants, and finds that in that peaceful stillness, new ideas come to her.
She hires professionals who take care of her website, support her customers, and who look after aspects of her business that she’s not particularly suited for. She is immensely grateful for the gifts that her wealth brings her.
To grow, she continues to invest in herself and her business.
The Wealthy Woman lets intuition lead her to every opportunity that feels right, and she doesn’t care if other people judge her for her purchases. Her heightened intuition has led her to clients, mentors, and the many wonderful opportunities that support her business.
The Wealthy Woman is not tethered to a million possessions, since it is the experience of life that she will always appreciate and carry with her. She is very content with what she owns, and often likes to lighten the load by letting go of physical possessions that no longer match who she has grown into. It makes room for more riches.
At the same time, she enjoys gliding her hands over silky fabrics while searching for new clothes to adorn her body. She feels gorgeous walking into a Chanel boutique, and equally delights in looking for wardrobe treasures at thrift shops. She adores original artwork that inspires her, and if her intuition says “yes” to owning it, the price does not matter.
The Wealthy Woman also has absolute respect for her body and loves the sultry feeling of being comfortable in her own skin. This self-respect is visible in the way that she walks. The glow that comes through her is accentuated every time she bites into organic fruit and whenever she chooses the food that will nourish her physical body and her taste for fun. She’s not afraid to eat a 3-course meal, indulge in an afternoon hot chocolate, or to let her fine taste guide her.
The Wealthy Woman surrounds herself with the most delightful circle of people she knows, and is completely nourished by a day of laughter with them. She is selective about who she keeps company with, and has found a way to lovingly withdraw her energy from those who no longer fit, while bringing in friends and colleagues who are a delight to be with.
If the Wealthy Woman has a family, they play a huge role in her life, and it is her greatest joy to snuggle with them when she’s not running her business.
If she is thinking about having a family, she’s already setting up her life and mindset in a way that will greatly support her future children and her spouse.
To the Wealthy Woman, life is a great blend of beauty, and a sigh of bliss.
© 2017 Ava Waits


A lot of opportunities in life are “unlisted.”

You won’t know they are there until you discover them.

Career Coach Ashley Stahl once shared with me on an interview that a majority of job listings are never listed on employment sites. So if you’re browsing Glassdoor and Indeed, you’re just at the tip of the iceberg.

The only reason I got my dachshund last year is because I first saw an ad for her brother. When I called to inquire about the male dog, the woman told me he had already been sold to another family…but she was willing to sell his sister. It meant that not a single other person had an opportunity to buy Melon the mini dachshund, because no one else even knew she was for sale. She was “unlisted,” and would be ours the next day.

Once you’re clear on what you want, start asking the people around you for whatever you desire.

It’s probably unlisted.

And you’ll find it.


© 2017 Ava Waits


Whenever you have a need for something, what you desire has already been created.


If You Need A New Client

If you need a new client, there is already someone out there who needs what you provide. Now your job is to put yourself in front of your potential clients, which means that you need to go out and be seen. You might choose to give a presentation to your community, network at a few business gatherings, speak at an upcoming fundraising event, or be more involved in social events in the city or town you live in.


If You Need More Money

If you need more money, there are already opportunities available to create that money. The first key is to nurture a more positive atmosphere and attitude toward money, so that income opportunities can become more visible to you. You need to stop complaining about how expensive things are (we’ve all done this from time to time!), and stop sending bad vibes to the people you owe money to (everyone from your cell phone company to the company that provides gas for your car). Also, be open to taking a work opportunity that you have never considered before. It just might be the fun path for your money to reach you!


If You Want To Pay Off Debt

If you want to pay off debt, the first thing to do is to stop shaming yourself for the debt that you are in. Yes, the debt is there, but it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. As you prepare to pay off the money you’ve borrowed, it’s important to have a clear idea of how much you owe, and to be grateful for the creditors who provided that money to you. Then be open to all of the creative ways that you can find money to start paying down your debt. According to Universal law, if you have debt, there is already a way to pay it off.


If You Need New Clothes

If you need new clothes, trust that they are on their way to you, and then make space for your new garments. Clear out an area in your closet, and do some in-person or online “window-shopping” to get an idea of what styles you’d like to wear. You may end up paying money for your new clothes, or they may arrive as a gift! (It’s always a good idea to be open to going to a clothing swap with friends, just in case your clothes are waiting for you there….)


If You Need A New Car

If you need a new car, the car you’ll be driving already exists or is about to get assembled. Now it’s your job to decide what kind of helpful service or product you’ll provide to other people in exchange for the money to buy the car. Or, maybe things will work out so you won’t even have to pay money for the car! Someone may gift it or loan it to you, or you’ll win one. Until it appears, start dreaming about the car you’d like to drive, the color you’d like it to be, and the where you’ll drive to. (Will you take a 2-week road trip, or will this be the vehicle that hauls copies of your books to book signing events?)

© 2017 Ava Waits


Thanks to a friend who connected via Facebook, I’ve put together another “Q and Ava”

Q: What are the three main reasons that people aren’t happy or content in their businesses?


1. One reason that a person may be frustrated with their business is because they aren’t earning the kind of money they’d hoped for. It may be that they’ve just opened the doors, and they need to focus on networking in their community, so that people know that the business is open.

Sometimes a businessperson also needs to better highlight the tangible benefits that they can bring to their customers, so that customers see the value of buying from them. For example, an entrepreneur with a background in health, wellness, or therapy may create an offering that is initially called “Love and Light.” While Love and Light are both good things, they don’t create a tangible name for a service, and can leave a potential client wondering what the service actually does for them. “Love and Light” as a name also doesn’t tell us how it will benefit the customer. Depending on what an entrepreneur offers, a few alternative and more tangible names could be: “Lower Back Tension Be Gone,” ” Peace at Home: How to raise more cooperative kids,” or “Moving Forward After Heartache.”


2. Another reason that a businessperson may feel stagnant around their professional life is if they have grown beyond their work. Things are feeling repetitive and stale. Maybe they’ve been saying the same thing to clients for years and years, or have been offering the same product or service, with little innovation. They may wonder, “Am I going to be doing this same thing for the next 40 years?”

If an entrepreneur is in a place like this, one option is that they could video record or voice record the guidance they tend to repeat to their clients, and then either sell the recording as a stand-alone product, or package it up with individual services for a client. Or, maybe it’s time for something new! It’s completely fine to discontinue a product or service that you don’t feel in alignment with anymore, and to replace it with something fresh. (It’s also okay to discontinue an entire business.)


3. An entrepreneur may also become discontent if they have identified something new that they’d like to do in their company, but they aren’t sure how to go about doing it. Perhaps they want to offer a new service, to start getting paid as a public speaker, to write and publish a book, or get on television so that more people know who they are. Luckily, no matter what you want to do next in your business, there is always someone you can hire to teach you.

Back when my intuition said that it was time to write a book, I knew nothing about book

Ava and Jack Canfield in Los Angeles

structures or publishing. I could have let my lack of knowledge stop me from writing, but instead, I paid to take a series of writing classes, hired 2 writing and publishing consultants, and also attended a book marketing course co-taught by Chicken Soup for the Soul‘s Jack Canfield. There is always someone out there who is ready to teach and train a businessperson as they head into new territory.”

MOST PEOPLE WON’T EVEN TRY, so your odds of winning are even better than you realize.
I’m here writing an essay for an entrepreneurship contest that I’m entering, and it got me thinking.
People bow out of opportunities all the time – they don’t think they are good enough, they don’t want to put in the effort, they don’t want to write the 2,000 word essay, or they make a variety of other excuses. It means that those of us who DO participate have a much better chance than we realize.
If you are reaching out for a public speaking opportunity, keep in mind that the event planner may have only been approached by you and 3 other people.
If you are getting in touch with a company who you hope will hire your company for the services it provides, you might actually be the only one who followed up on the emails you sent to HR.
If you are applying for a scholarship, you may be 1 of only 20 people who took the hours to put together a qualifying entry.
The odds are more in your favor than you realize.

© 2017 Ava Waits

Ava Waits is an inspirational speaker, business mentor, sales trainer, and author of the forthcoming book, A Woman‘sTreasure: Grow A Business Where Making Money Feels Like BlissShe believes that making money should feel like bliss, and through her work, she provides innovative sales and marketing guidance to entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.

As a speaker, Ava has been interviewed on television and radio, and has been invited around the country to inspire and train audiences at business events, women’s organizations, and financial companies. She has presented at Rick Steves Europe, United Way, the Women’s Day of Empowerment, Mother Earth News, the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women, and many others.

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The other day, a man who I had just met was talking to me about the business and sales training programs that I lead.
He asked me if I teach people to “never take no for an answer.”
A majority of the business people that I train are service-based professionals (nutrition professionals, counselors, practitioners who are medically trained, pet-sitters, photographers), though I have also supported businesses that sell products (like delicious health products).
I told him that since many of my clients are selling a service of some kind, I wouldn’t want them to work with clients who had to be convinced to sign up. There’s also a very fine line between convincing a client to work with you and walking them through their fears so that they can honestly say, “Yes, I’d like to hire you.”
I explained to him how I feel that these days, there is a much gentler way to sell.
This man then asked me, “So which state are you from – Washington or Oregon?”
And now I’m curious – For those of you who have recently gone through any kind of sales training, were you taught to grasp onto your potential client and not let them leave until they say yes? Or were you taught to trust that each open space for a client will be filled, and that each item you have for sale will eventually be matched to a person who would like to own it?


© 2017 Ava Waits

Ava Waits is an inspirational speaker, business mentor, sales trainer, and author of the forthcoming book, A Woman‘sTreasure: Grow A Business Where Making Money Feels Like BlissShe believes that making money should feel like bliss, and through her work, she provides innovative sales and marketing guidance to entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.

As a speaker, Ava has been interviewed on television and radio, and has been invited around the country to inspire and train audiences at business events, women’s organizations, and financial companies. She has presented at Rick Steves Europe, United Way, the Women’s Day of Empowerment, Mother Earth News, the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women, and many others.

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We’re moving to Maui!


In 2013, I wrote a journal post outlining more than 2 pages worth of things I desired in my life, all written in present tense.

On the list was:
“I live in a brightly (naturally lit) home, with sunny views, an outdoor patio with fruit trees and vegetable gardens. It’s completely private, calm, and I’m inspired at this home.” I also wrote down that the home has hardwood bamboo floors.
While I wasn’t specifically clear about the location of this house, I always kind of expected that the comfortable home environment in my description would to be closer to the Mediterranean Sea, closer to Italian gelato, German flower fields, and French cafes. Many of you are aware that I have desired to live on the European continent for years now, but life hasn’t yet moved in that direction. At the same time, I also trust in the timing of every opportunity in my life, and am especially open to opportunities that I haven’t even dreamed of.

And I was just given an opportunity I’ve never dreamed of!

Hawaii didn’t show up as a possibility for our next home until very recently, when all of a sudden, it became the EASIEST move for us to make.

Now Dylan and I will living on Maui beginning August 2017!

~ We have our tickets booked.
~ Once we move, we have a house waiting for us near the North Shore of Maui. It has EVERYTHING in the description of my ideal environment from back in 2013– papaya trees, trumpet flowers, an outdoor patio, and even bamboo flooring!
~ I will be able to grow vegetables, fruit, and flowers on this property, and reengage with plants in a way that I haven’t been able to at my current home.
~ Charlie the dachshund (the dog who opened my heart to little animals in a whole new way last year) will be living with us on Maui, and he will be such a good influence for Melon the mini dachshund as she adjusts to her new environment.
~ Since Dylan grew up on Maui, we have a community of friends and family already built in.
~ My little brother and brother Monks live just a couple Islands over, and I’ll be able to visit with them more often with a home base in Hawaii.


As with every life adjustment, I also recognize that I’ll have some opportunities to grow:
~ As an “Earth girl” who loves the smell of dirt and trees, I’ll need to get more comfortable in the water (currently, I rely on a pool noodle to hold me up while I snorkel, and I’m sometimes nervous when it comes to taking those first steps into the waves.) So, I gotta work on that.
~ I get to test if the business I’ve built can thrive no matter what location I reside in. Years ago, I set the intention to be location independent so that I could move anywhere that life pointed me to. I’ll still be training entrepreneurs over the phone, and I’ll also host some live events in Hawaii. It’s my hope to connect to conferences happening in the Hawaiian Islands, so that I can come in as a speaker to train on Turning Strangers into Paying Clients in 10 Days, Healthy Sales and Healthy Sales People, and several other presentations that I offer.
~ As I pack up, I will condense my material belongings into what can fit into a few boxes and a few suitcases. It means that I’ll be looking for loving new homes for many of my possessions (like my bistro table desk and some antiques), and I’ll also be selling the larger pieces of my artwork I’ve made, which should remain in a climate with lower amounts of humidity.

In preparation for the move, I’ll be taking many nostalgic tours through Washington State in the next couple months so that I can revisit special moments from my time growing up here – everything from “visiting Grandpa and Grandma’s house,” and eating at the Antique Sandwich Company with my Mom.


A huge thank you to Dylan (along with his family and friends), who are the connection to this passion fruit and rainbow filled opportunity in the middle of the Pacific ocean.


“I hear you make good money.”

A woman who I had spoken with a few times throughout my 11 years in this community looked at me across the grocery store aisle.

It wasn’t a statement-question that I was expecting to hear on a morning when I needed organic lettuce and fruit. I didn’t have very long to respond to her words, but it got me thinking even more about money and our relationship to it. If she and I had 30 minutes to talk that day, rather than the 4 minutes in passing, here’s what I would have shared with her:

1. I make my own version of “good money,” which allows me to do the things in my life that are important to me. A million dollar home isn’t currently important, and neither is an expensive car. It means that I don’t have to make a level of money to support a high-end house or vehicle. (When I worked as a landscaper in college, the largest property I weeded was a $1.5 million dollar home – and it took A LOT of upkeep! It seemed like every day, a handy person, cleaner, or gardener was tending to the property.)

What IS important to me right now is the ability to travel, and to buy as much organic food as I want, without sticking to a food budget. At times when I didn’t have access to a lot of food, I longed to be able to eat without restraint (Thankfully, I was trained in nutrition and holistic health prior to the work I do now. It allows me to make healthful food choices that I actually CAN eat without restraint.)

2. Some of my clients earn more money than I do. (I love it when that happens!) And even if they do earn more money than I do, we still have conversations that help them advance in their business and finances. Their success doesn’t depend on me earning a certain amount. Each one of us has our own level of “good money” to reach ~ I have mine, and they have theirs.

3. I invest a substantial amount of my income back into mentors and training programs, along with a few astrological and psychic readings each year. I learn important things about my path and next steps from conversations with mentors, and I find the investments to be completely worth it. If you look at my yearly expenditures, about a third to a half of my income goes back into my education.

4. I’m not afraid to drain my bank account to $1 if it’s necessary, because I’ve learned that my account is not my value as a human being. In fact, you and I have probably communicated at a point where I had very little in my bank account after an investment. Even if that was the case, I’ll still got dressed in my best, did my hair, and confidently stepped forward in this world. I know that all of the money that ever comes to me is supposed to be circulated through purchases that I make. If an investment takes most of the money that I currently have stashed away, I trust that more income will flow in to make up for the hole.

5. If you were to ask some of my entrepreneurial clients what we talk about in our appointments, many of them will say, “Ava teaches about the energetics of money,” because that’s a big piece of what we do. I also teach them skills to turn strangers into paying clients in 10 days, find bliss in the midst of the sales cycle, and feed the source of their success.

6. Even though most of my clients are entrepreneurs, I’ve also worked with some really wonderful employed people, who have simply wanted to be happier at their jobs. And being happier at your job leads to pay raises, more opportunities to advance, and more feel-good chemicals floating through your body!

7. Many humans have conflicting thoughts about the topic of money. Some people desire to make a lot more money, but then they feel jealous or upset when other people earn more than they do. Many people have uncomfortable thoughts about money (“What will my friends think of me if I make more?” “Will my parents disown me if I out-earn them?” “Will people think I’m a rich b*tch?”) I used to feel a pang of jealousy when I saw friends and colleagues out-earn me. Now I’ve trained myself to celebrate their success. After all, if I am witnessing their advancement, it means I’m also attracting that kind of success into my life at this very moment.

If you desire to make your version of “good money” this year, I’d love to talk and see if  I can be part of your happy support system. I’m getting ready to accept 2 wonderful humans into my Tapping the Bank of the Universe private mentoring program, which runs this spring. This is a 60-day journey where you and I will look at the energetic and practical ways to welcome more income. I especially love helping women develop the capacity to create money whenever they need it.

If you’d like to learn more, let’s arrange for a complimentary Making Money Feels Like Bliss appointment by phone or Skype, or in person in Olympia, Washington. This is one of the most affordable ways to hire me privately, and I expect the 2 spots in Tapping the Bank of the Universe to fill up quickly.

I look forward to hearing from you!
~ Ava

Do you judge where your money comes from?
~ If you’re an entrepreneur, do you feel guilty if your client decides to use a credit card or borrowed money to pay you?
~ Do you believe that when someone pays you, they become more poor?
~ Do you try to force money to be delivered in a certain way?
~ Do you say, “My money can only come from a particular channel, such as my business,” when in reality, the majority of your money is flowing in from a source that is entirely separate from the company you’re building?
Some of my clients come to me for entrepreneurial guidance, with the intention to make more money from their businesses. We chat about their ideas, build marketing plans, and I train them to turn strangers into paying clients in 10 days.
But then…they receive money in some unexpected way that may not even have to do with their business (a spouse decides to financially support them, they receive an inheritance, some amazing job offer shows up that they feel very aligned with, someone asks to hire them for a talent that they didn’t even realize could be valuable.)
And yet….they continue to beat themselves up because the money didn’t show up in the exact way they wanted it to show up.
It’s time to stop judging the source of your money.
Energetically, when we say, “No, my money can’t come from that source,” what we’re doing is repelling our future income. If we are unappreciative, the flow of our income may slow.
If you find that you’ve been judging the source of your income, a simple step is to begin celebrating every amount of money that comes to you (whether your neighbor paid you to feed their cat, or you just signed on a new client). Express your excitement for the income. It’s also important to suspend your judgment as to how a new client pays to work with you. If they borrow the money to hire you, or if they tap into a retirement fund, it’s their choice, and we should still honor that income as we receive it.

Copyright © 2017 Ava Waits

Ava Waits is an inspirational speaker, business mentor, sales trainer, and author of the forthcoming book, A Woman‘sTreasure: Grow A Business Where Making Money Feels Like Bliss. She believes that making money should feel like bliss, and through her work, she provides innovative sales and marketing guidance to entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.

As a speaker, Ava has been interviewed on television and radio, and has been invited around the country to inspire and train audiences at business events, women’s organizations, and financial companies. She has presented at Rick Steves Europe, United Way, the Women’s Day of Empowerment, Mother Earth News, the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women, and many others.

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