The Money You Need Has Already Been Created


Whenever you have a need for something, what you desire has already been created.


If You Need A New Client

If you need a new client, there is already someone out there who needs what you provide. Now your job is to put yourself in front of your potential clients, which means that you need to go out and be seen. You might choose to give a presentation to your community, network at a few business gatherings, speak at an upcoming fundraising event, or be more involved in social events in the city or town you live in.


If You Need More Money

If you need more money, there are already opportunities available to create that money. The first key is to nurture a more positive atmosphere and attitude toward money, so that income opportunities can become more visible to you. You need to stop complaining about how expensive things are (we’ve all done this from time to time!), and stop sending bad vibes to the people you owe money to (everyone from your cell phone company to the company that provides gas for your car). Also, be open to taking a work opportunity that you have never considered before. It just might be the fun path for your money to reach you!


If You Want To Pay Off Debt

If you want to pay off debt, the first thing to do is to stop shaming yourself for the debt that you are in. Yes, the debt is there, but it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. As you prepare to pay off the money you’ve borrowed, it’s important to have a clear idea of how much you owe, and to be grateful for the creditors who provided that money to you. Then be open to all of the creative ways that you can find money to start paying down your debt. According to Universal law, if you have debt, there is already a way to pay it off.


If You Need New Clothes

If you need new clothes, trust that they are on their way to you, and then make space for your new garments. Clear out an area in your closet, and do some in-person or online “window-shopping” to get an idea of what styles you’d like to wear. You may end up paying money for your new clothes, or they may arrive as a gift! (It’s always a good idea to be open to going to a clothing swap with friends, just in case your clothes are waiting for you there….)


If You Need A New Car

If you need a new car, the car you’ll be driving already exists or is about to get assembled. Now it’s your job to decide what kind of helpful service or product you’ll provide to other people in exchange for the money to buy the car. Or, maybe things will work out so you won’t even have to pay money for the car! Someone may gift it or loan it to you, or you’ll win one. Until it appears, start dreaming about the car you’d like to drive, the color you’d like it to be, and the where you’ll drive to. (Will you take a 2-week road trip, or will this be the vehicle that hauls copies of your books to book signing events?)

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