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From poverty and food stamps to signing on over $17,000 worth of business in one month – Ava Waits is an inspirational speaker, business mentor, and sales trainer who can help you become a more energized and confident business person and make MONEY in ways that feel like bliss!

Hire Ava to speak, or work with Ava, and you will learn:

~ How to turn a stranger into a paying client in 10 days

~ How to find the bliss in the midst of the sales cycle

~ Why focusing on your happiness will lead to bigger income in your business

~ How healthy habits translate to higher sales and a better quality of life for your team

~ How to build client loyalty by quickly assessing the needs and wants of your ideal client

~ How travel can inspire great marketing campaigns and generate interest in your products and services

~ How to discover money opportunities and new clients at dinner parties

~ How to turn conversations and celebrations into clients and cash


Contact us now at Support@AvaWaits.com to talk to Ava about building a customized speech or training session for your audience or sales team.