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How to Turn A Stranger Into A Paying Client in 10 Days

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Back when I was just starting my business, I would often meet total strangers who would become paying clients within about 10 days from that first meeting. Do you want people to say “yes” to working with you just as quickly? I share how!


4 Ways to Align Your Business with a Celebrity in Your Industry

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Ava under arches croppedIt’s true: If your audience sees you hanging out with a celebrity, or associating yourself with another well-known person or company, it’s going to increase their perception of your business. The simple association will raise your professional reputation, let you charge higher prices, and create a more compelling reason for someone to hire you.

Are you curious to know how to easily align your business with a celebrity in your industry? Perhaps even a celebrity who feels a little out of your reach? I’ll show you how, with real examples.


Your First $8,000 Month

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$8,000 in one month can provide a comfortable lifestyle, help fund your next vacation, and provide the money to reinvest in projects that will grow your business.

Are you aiming for a business income of $8,000 every month? In this training, Ava will share details specifically from her months at this level. She’ll break it all down so that $8,000 feels more attainable. You’ll learn about different ways to reach your first $8,000 month, and will then be able to choose your favorite processes, all based on what feels most blissful for you.


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