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Client Success Stories



One little sentence ‘Traveling is my best marketing campaign’- completely re-framed a negative belief she had about her business and gave her a record breaking $2,323 day.


One little Ava-ism completely re-framed a negative belief I had in my business and also gave me a record breaking $2323 day. Before speaking to Ava, I had the belief that going on holidays in my business meant complete poverty and no clients when I came back. Ava said one little sentence – ‘Traveling is my best marketing campaign’ – and it clicked. The day after I came back from 2 weeks in Hawaii, I had a record breaking $2323 day and I was ‘in the flow’ for the next 2 completely booked out weeks.

I also shared this gold nugget with a business mentor of mine and it has completely changed her business trips.
-Tammy Guest, Naturopath



Within 1 week of signing up for Private Business Mentoring, Naomi received $1640!


Hi Ava, I want to share my excitement about money that showed up for me after making an initial private coaching payment to work with you. The payment was made in faith that money would return to me and fill what space had opened up. Within one week of making this payment, a client signed up for long term work with me and paid in full. The payment was $1640! Thank you for exposing me to the Vacuum Law, to Florence Scovel Shinn, and to abundance mind sets. This is so mind boggling in its simplicity and sweetness. Life is so juicy. Thanks for sharing these secrets with me!!



front pageBefore working with Ava, I had no idea what I was going to do to earn money as an artist/writer once my one-year paid residency ended.  I am allergic to normal, boring jobs. Instead of telling me that I need to grow up and stop making so much art, Ava told me to keep doing what I love, and she suggested a few ways to expand my offerings.  I have yet to put these offerings out, mainly because I recently got approached by an agent about writing my memoir! Yes, a strange woman approached me in the grocery store and asked if I had any plans on writing a book. Just like that. I did not even tell her I was a writer. This happened the night after I asked the divine if I could please be connected to the publishing world, so that I could begin a career as a writer/illustrator. I doubt that I would have thought to ask a question like that so directly, had I not been working with Ava.  She knows her tricks!  After I am done with my manuscript, I have a list of 50 other ways that I can make money doing what I love.  Thanks, Ava!

~ Anja Notanja Sieger, writer, artist, performer



GoddessRound(1)Before working with Ava, I was starting to get a bit discouraged about the state of my financial affairs. I was going to school, starting my own little business, paying bills, and feeling like the future of my finances was unpredictable.

Ava taught me so much about how finances can be related to things like childhood, physical discomfort, your food, your mood and so much more. She is always so helpful for answering my money questions when I felt like I had no one else to turn to for such great advice and perspective. Although I am a coach who also helps people grow their wealth, being a coach with a coach was one of the most helpful things I’ve done for my own financial state. I even did something amazing and crazy by relocating to a new area, a new city, so I could meet more people and make connections. Now I have so many new opportunities for more income on my horizon- new jobs, more clients, better networking, and a whole new lifestyle.

After the 30 Days to Release Financial Constriction program, I was feeling so free, stable, prosperous and joyful with my money. I was also feeling more grounded with better foundations for my business and my life. I am so grateful for Ava’s services and I would totally recommend them for any woman who is looking to blossom like a beautiful luscious flower in their financial realms.”

~ Goddess Allison



I had an amazing and inspiring time at Ava’s workshop.  It was wonderful to meet and share knowledge with incredibly empowering women whom I will continue to share encouraging relationships with.
Shortly after the workshop I received a call from a friend about requesting me to be the architect on record for a $350,000 restaurant remodel job, which is easily going to be $10,000 job for me over the next year or so!!!!  This is exactly one of the topics we discussed in Ava’s workshop and I know the energy generated from the workshop attracted this opportunity.  It has been incredibly rewarding working with Ava and I absolutely love her perspective on life and business.”
 ~ Eliza Steele,  Owner of Steele Design



Kathleen MitchellI have worked with Ava, both privately, and also through her live group series called “Business Magnetism.” Incredible ideas come naturally to Ava and she is always happy to share them with you. She exudes this kind of energy that continuously makes you want to be back with her.

Things almost seem to happen magically for you and you seem to be filled with such clarity when you are connected to Ava. Coincidentally, my first client approached me while I was taking her class. It happened so quickly and effortlessly that I almost missed this opportunity, had I not been so well aligned through the class. When I am with Ava, I find myself moving forward by leaps and bounds in many areas, both personally and professionally.

When you are working with Ava, you will be amazed and feel appreciated. Ava has this natural beauty and fresh innocence that draws you back to her. She is the real deal and has such entertaining stories, and teachable moments that point you in the right direction. ”

~ Kathleen Mitchell



photo“Before joining Business Magnetism, I felt ready to learn about how to become a magnetic entrepreneur. I knew that there was more to building a business than just marketing (although that is very important!), but I wanted to learn about the other stuff, the “inner game” that is such a crucial part of having a successful business.  I joined Ava’s program, because it was exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve noticed a big change in my openness to receive abundance and my inner joy at creating a business that I love.  I’m much more aware of how my “energy” can be turned on in such a powerful way to bring new opportunities and new ideas to my path. While enrolled in this program, I learned creative new ways to share who I am and what my business represents with others, and it’s such a great feeling to enjoy a seamless connection between who I am and the essence of my business.

If you are looking for a very unique approach to marketing your business while embracing who you are at your core, Ava’s program will be perfect for you!  Ava has such a warm, energetic personality, and she is committed to helping her clients succeed. Her positive approach to business building is reassuring and can open you up to possibilities you haven’t imagined. I know that my clients will be better served because I’ve invested in myself this way, and I can easily share what I’ve learned in my programs as a result of participating in this program.

I also wanted to share some of the “magic” that happened while enrolled in Ava’s program:
My husband received a “thank you” gift card for free coffee from an employee who was moving. He thought there was about $5 on the card, but when he checked it, there was $50 on the card…for FREE coffee! Also, we found out recently that the previous owners who lived in our house (before we moved in February) “accidentally” continued paying their hydro bill up until May, so we’ve had 3 months of free hydro without a bill…weird, huh? I also got a refund for a health course I signed up for a few weeks ago, and I didn’t even cancel the course…I’m still enrolled! No idea why I got a refund, but I did! Just some interesting things that have been happening! Normally I wouldn’t even notice these money signs, but I’ve become much more observant since taking Ava’s Business Magnetism course.”

~ Milissa Harding





Amanda at Birth of Venus

Hey y’all! I just paid a BIG bill easily and happily! Ava has really helped me decrease the “freak out” factor with that, to the point where I looked forward to paying it. I know, right?!

It makes me feel really committed to myself, to all the services and things I purchased as well as to money — like if I’m gonna have a good relationship with money, I gotta trust it, love it up and believe I am TOTALLY irresistible to it… you know, like it can’t get enough of this (I say pointing to me ;-D )

And I’m so excited to have six more weeks with this girl in her new class. I know I’ll become even more luscious to money and to myself, if that’s even possible (which it is!)


~ Amanda Neill, Birth of Venus Coaching




Thank you Ava! What an amazing experience to work with you. And the timing of your class 5,000 gift imagewas PERFECT! I have been “trying” to figure out why I have been making less money this year, and why I feel so “fearful” around money. Over the past year my business, my car, AND my personal life all seemed to be sputtering and trying to stall. And then, over the last 30 days, there have been several amazing shifts in my life …each an amazing gift.

First BIG gift: I had been introduced to a couple working on a documentary about the symbol, Phi. I had no assumptions that this would involve me; I was only interested in learning more about what they were discovering. Then Ava’s class started. The 1st assignment was small and easy, I did it. I tipped the waiter twice my usual amount and I went for a walk downtown to enjoy some of the fun shops and feel luxurious. Then, I met with the documentarians, focusing on what they could impart to me. To my surprise, they wanted an in-depth interview with me! We talked for a couple hours and then they photographed my art, mathematical journaling, and symbol doodling. The next day they posted a thank you to ME on both Facebook and Twitter, thanking me for sharing MY knowledge …WOW!

Second BIG gift: After the 3rd class, I was feeling very constricted, and having a LOT more problems with my car. Then my wife started talking about getting a new/used car. This time, I stopped saying “no” and instead found myself saying, “Let’s manifest exactly what we want.” So we verbalized exactly what we wanted, stating to the universe that we wanted to spend only $6,000 – $8,000. With this in mind, we started focusing on used cars.

Marcy SullivanThe next evening there was a commercial on TV that said, “Are you looking to buy a used car? If so, come see me first. We’re selling our fleet of 2013 Kia Souls for ½ price. Yes, that’s ½ price!” So the next morning my wife called the dealership, learned that the sale has just started, and it was “1st come 1st served”. So she immediately drove up to Tacoma and to get OUR car. After getting the car keys, she was told that we had purchased the last car from the remaining 4. AND, we were able to get our $23,000 car (Tax & licensing included) for only $12,643 (Tax & licensing included).

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! During all of this, Tex had called my parents to see if we could borrow the money from them. They were more than willing, and said they would like to gift us $5,000 to put toward the car. This brought our loan amount down to $7,643 (Tax & licensing included!). Yes, we had successfully manifested our dream car …and at the exact price we had stated!!! Just like Ava kept talking about! Thank you Ava!!!”

~ Marcy J. Sullivan, DC
Healing with Clarity, PS
Olympia, WA


LM05When I started the Poor Girl’s Guide to Riches Group, I was sure all my blocks around wealth were purely to do with my business. I felt guilty about spending money on myself and my business, I was uncomfortable speaking about money, and felt restricted when it came to getting new clients.

Soon it became clear that I had a number of beliefs that were blocking my wealth consciousness in general. Some of these went back to childhood and some were the result of giving up my job to spend more time with my family – I no longer felt like I had my own money, and I’d earned my money since I was 14!

During the programme, I learned there is a lot more to wealth than just having money; wealth is a way of living, it is an appreciation for the richness of life. I realised it was important for me to learn to see money differently, in a way I could appreciate its beauty and its representation of the energy of value. I also had to look at how I valued myself and what I was giving to the world.  Now I look at life differently, I don’t feel as though I have to put up with the old faded things lying around, or keep hold of things just in case. I know that doing that just stagnates the energy of wealth. It has also removed an anxiety from my life and replaced it with a greater understanding and a trust regarding money. This resulted in me being open to my husband when talking about my business, instead of being defensive because I felt I was not contributing enough.

I think this programme is valuable for anyone who feels restricted about money in any way, and for those who have negative beliefs about their value and the value of their services, which may be holding them back. 

Thanks Ava, for enriching my life!

Lyn Man



Maria MartinBefore The Poor Girls Guide to Riches program I was on an up and down roller coaster: I was very indecisive, lacked direction, wasn’t consistent and still wasn’t sure exactly how to get started with my business (even though I “started ” it 2 years ago…ugh!). I was so stressed about money that it was making me sick and I was wasting so much time thinking about it!

During this program I learned ways to raise my vibration by surrounding myself with luxury, starting simply with what I wear. I also began an afternoon teatime ritual with a sliced organic orange in a beautiful tea cup and that small thing alone made me feel soooooo good!  The energy from Ava and the space she held for this group was magical!  

On the day of one of our calls, I manifested an iPhone 5s for FREE, I received a free month for my website due to a technical glitch (they just gave this to me without me asking) I had free car repair, and a new PAYING client! During this program I was also asked to speak at an event and to do a video testimonial for my dentist office!

I now have very little stress about money. I have learned to love money and spend it in line with my values, mission, and goals. Knowing it will always be there makes me ready to step into an even bigger investment and actually be excited about it, which will bring me to a whole different level.

This program has helped me attract other needed mentors in my life as well. I now have a crystal clear vision of where I want to go and I’ve allowed myself to bring an old dream back, knowing I can attain it!  Ava and this program are nothing short of magical!  If you are someone who is feeling stuck like I was, and stressed out by money you need this program!

~ Maria Ann Martin



Lisa FitzpatickI think you are my lucky charm. I have signed 2 new clients today at my highest prices yet. They were booked for discovery sessions prior to our call, however I am certain that the magic we wove and your advice to stay in power really supported the YES I got from them.”

~Lisa Fitzpatrick
Sacred Women’s Business and Soul Purpose Coach



I started working with Ava when my health coaching practice was just a jumble of exciting ideas, with no real direction. I was studying at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and was trying to work out how to differentiate my brand. The more I researched the market I wanted to serve, the more confused I became! I felt as though there were too many health coaches doing similar work, who were all amazing.

pic 2Ava really helped me overcome my doubts, and reassured me that I do have a unique voice, and my own story to share. Ava helped me to see that by being real and honest about my past health struggles, clients will come! Since working together, I have started coaching new clients, and I absolutely love my work.

Ava has been a great source of support for me throughout my journey. She has given me excellent suggestions for my website and my target market, and provided valuable advice on how to better market my business and find clients. I am so excited to continue to grow my business and change people’s lives through great nutrition and taking a holistic approach to wellness.”

~ Helene Larson

Health, Career and Life Coach  ~


“For anyone who wants to live a MUCH richer life, travel with their business, or simply feel greater ease around their finances, Ava’s coaching is a knock-out. “

Devi BruleAva has such a warm, supportive and fun way of sharing her knowledge. She really understands how to create ease and flow with money and business, and makes the whole process feel delicious. She even integrates her background in nutrition, offering a well-rounded approach to enriching your life.

In the past few weeks, I’ve made a bunch of shifts inspired by Ava’s group calls. First, I really acknowledged how much I deserve to upgrade my living situation, and began shopping for a place that feels truly wealthy and wonderful. I’m also using this momentum to clear a ton of old clothes and items I hardly use, creating space for more riches to come into my life.

Another big shift happened shortly after signing up for her class: I made the huge decision to start my own business as a first-time entrepreneur. Just signing up moved me into major new territory. And now, after the call series, I am investing in myself via my new business, and via more self care. I spent two weeks designing a brand new website and then gave myself a spa day to celebrate! I even made a list of fun experiences to reward myself with whenever I accomplish a goal.

I also got an unexpected call for (super easy) work, purchased a bunch of new clothes that make me feel amazing, and I’ve raised the mental ceiling on my money-making potential. I now go through my days feeling loved and supported by money, rather than constantly wondering if money will show up for me.

For anyone who wants to live a MUCH richer life, travel with their business, or simply feel greater ease around their finances, Ava’s coaching is a knock-out. 


~ Devi Brulé

Portrait Photographer  •  Film & Commercial Director



“I followed Ava’s guidelines and this lovely new client signed up for over $1300 in work with me, paid in full. This was to date, the most substantial investment a client had ever made in the services I offer.”


Before working with Ava, I had long been a spiritually-minded person, living a simple, (a.k.a. “financially poor”), life. While I was a happy person, I was also constantly concerned about money. When wonderful opportunities came my way to travel, spend time with people I love, and celebrate special life events, my internal dialogue, after accepting an invitation, began with, “How am I going to afford this?” A litany of stress would ensue, and it had a significant impact on life experiences that were meant to be joyful.

I discovered Ava and her work Photoone year after experiencing an inner shift, (that inner shift was a result of learning about wealth consciousness, something I later learned that Ava is, in my opinion, an expert in). I began to create a new life for myself. In building my business, I also followed other coaches online and interviewed several of them to see if we were the right fit in working together.

Even though I felt very drawn to Ava’s personality, energy, and especially her spiritually conscious approach to business, I still had a residue of lack consciousness, so I worried about making an investment in myself to the degree that is required to work with Ava. I instead invested in a coach who was less costly, and who I quickly stopped working with, because we were not the right fit for I what I needed. It was money and time lost, and another lesson for me to “wake up” and receive all that is available to me.

I finally felt ready to work with Ava. I somewhat nervously made a credit card investment of $1280 in one of her group programs, and it was one of the best decisions I have made personally and professionally. I feel so grateful to Ava for so many reasons. Thinking of her light in my life and in the world brings tears to my eyes.

On a practical level, I have learned from Ava how to organize and price the programs I offer. I learned how to speak with prospective clients, follow up with them, and support them as they sign up for services. Five weeks into my coaching with Ava, I met a woman who was interested in my work. I followed Ava’s guidelines and this lovely new client signed up for over $1300 in work with me, paid in full. This was to date, the most substantial investment a client had ever made in the services I offer.

My work with Ava resulted in income that completely covered my investment in working with her. But working with Ava, in the big picture for me, is not only about money. Working with Ava is also about living joyfully, authentically, powerfully, and free of limited thinking. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Ava’s work for anyone who wants to step into a greater expression of self-value, success, and the joy of living more vibrantly in every way.

I also love how Ava respects her clients, the clients of her clients, and everyone she works with, and in the language she uses and in the perspectives and guidance she offers, based on her high level of consciousness. Finally, working with Ava is UPLIFTING, FUN, and INSPIRING!

If it’s possible to fall in love with a coach, then I am totally in love with Ava Waits. If you feel drawn to work with Ava, do yourself a powerful favor and receive the gift of Ava’s work. Your decision to do so is ultimately a huge, sacred gift to yourself, to the audience you are here to serve, and to those who support you in your greatness.

Thank you, Ava Waits!!!”


With gratitude and loving wishes for all,

~ Staci Tye

Intuitive Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker



010100_4795-ret“During my initial consultation with Ava, I knew that I wanted to work with her. I could feel that she was in the flow of abundance that she speaks about, and that she lives it! Before I actually committed to being in one of her groups, I found out that I wasn’t going to have pay as much in taxes, which was a sign to me that I needed to sign up.

While in the class, I realized that my business has a life of its own and that it wants to help me and bring me joy and abundance. Since the class, I am more aware of the obstacles that are keeping me from expanding in my business, and from embracing abundance, pleasure, and my dreams. Ava’s wonderful ability to hold the space for others to connect with their flow of wealth has been of great value to me.

I would recommend working with Ava if you are in a quandary about what is keeping you from creating and having a business filled with pleasure, abundance, and joy.

~ J. Naomi Rikimaru


“Today, my business is in a completely different place than it was when we started working together. I have a niche, a new website, programs, and a vision for my future.”

I have had the pleasure of working with Ava for the past year and it has been a very transformational time for me. I was fortunate to have connected with Ava when I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She really opened my eyes to the world of coaching and served not only as a mentor but an inspiration. She helped me to work through my doubts and made me believe that I could have a successful and meaningful business.

She provided resources that I would have never been able to find on my own and I felt very comfortable using them because I trusted her opinion and valued her guidance. As my time with Ava came to an end at my school, I jumped at the opportunity to continue working with her privately to help me continue moving forward in my business.

Today, my business is in a completely different place than it was when we started working together. I have a niche, a new website, programs, and a vision for my future. I have also gained the courage to make some major commitments in my business such as joining a mastermind group and becoming a sponsor at an event. A year ago, I would have never dreamed of investing in myself and my business at that level but I recognized through Ava’s guidance that we must listen to our intuition and make bold statements to the Universe that we are serious and ready to commit to ourselves.

Ava has been truly instrumental in helping me move along the path of entrepreneurship and I will be forever grateful for her guidance and support. If you are looking for a gifted mentor who will fully commit to your success, happiness and wellbeing, look no further than Ava Waits!

~ Michelle Bybel, LCSW-R, CHHC



“While working with Ava, I tripled my income, found my dream jobs, and found a beautiful place to live in a new city. It’s been 6 months of magic, manifesting, and money!”
~ Goddess Allison

Ava with Allison Gee2015


“Hey, Ava. I enjoyed the replay you sent yesterday. One comment you made already helped me change my vibration. “I hung out in fancy places.” I thought about it this morning, but then got busy and forgot. Tonight when I had to choose a restaurant for dinner with a client, I chose the “informal” tapas restaurant in the lobby of the luxurious Ritz Carlton, where I’ve felt comfortable before, and at the same time enjoyed “spoiling” myself. Tonight while I was sitting there for over an hour waiting for my client to arrive, I sipped a yummy prosecco and soaked up the beauty and comfortable elegance of the place. I thought, I should come here regularly. It’s really one of my favorite spots in town. Suddenly it struck me that I had chosen the place because of your words! Thank you!! Come to think of it, I also spent $100 taking her to dinner, when it wasn’t in the “protocol”, and tipped the car valet $5 instead of $2-3.”

~ H.T. Florida


Nellie“Changing your alignment and energy surrounding money can work WONDERS for wealth! Positive money energy WORKS! I have two semi-unexpected checks in the mail now and I really believe a big reason is because of my new alignment and energy around money! Turns out I am getting a $500 check for my car that got damaged recently. It should be in the mail this week. I also have $800 from old scholarship money at my college that I never used that they are mailing me this week.”

~ Nellie Russell, Holistic Mental Health Coach


“Loved your teleclass yesterday! I really resonate with your spiritual/prosperity approach, and I’m so glad that I found out about your work! “



“By the way, last night I was thinking about how you’ve been instrumental in my path to happiness! I am spending so much time feeling joyful and so satisfied with where I’m at, and you had a big role to play in helping me move into that vibration. I know that other good things are coming, but I don’t care as much about when–too busy being happy! Hugs!!”


“Ava is an energetic coach with fresh ideas that will help you expand your business!”


Michaela grew her business the healthy way, and now has 4 clients before even graduating from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


“Before I started working with Ava, I was lost on what steps I needed to take first to move forward with my business. I was overwhelmed with feeling like I needed to do everything right now. Ava was amazing at helping me to prioritize what steps needed to be taken first and what could wait. Her insight into marketing and branding helped me to develop a clearer brand for my own business. With Ava’s help, I now have 4 clients and an upcoming presentation, and I haven’t even graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition yet! Her coaching is perfect for the new entrepreneur who wants to start their business out on the right path.

I am also planning to stay in Bali for at least a month in 2014. My plan is to have my business completely online and over the phone by then so I can work while I live over there. Ava has inspired me to think big!”

-Michaela Gehring, St. Paul, MN



“Ava Waits has been an inspiration and a fabulous coach for me this year.  Before working with Ava, I was limited to several foods that I could eat.  During our work together, my digestion healed and I have added many foods that I dreamed I may never eat again.  My business has grown and my first two clients came very easily.

My favorite part of change has been in relationships.  My love life just took a turn for the incredible.  My best idea of who I wanted did not come close to who has arrived in my life.  This is me after 11 months of working with Ava (8 months in an IIN program) and 3 months in a business coaching program.

I would highly recommend Ava to anyone who is wanting a breath of fresh air. To step a little lighter and laugh a lot more.”


“Thanks so much, Ava….I’ve learned SO much from you in just the past couple of weeks. I love your “flower” analogy that you used in the teleclass yesterday. You’re definitely someone that I’ll continue to follow…your approach and “lens” on business is extremely unique and right up my alley.”



When the Poised, Passionate, and Ready for Business program began, I had just finished planning and implementing and entire wedding, which left me exhausted. I also felt overwhelmed with other duties for further developing my nutrition business, and that mindset kept me from putting energy into the workbooks and posting in the private social media group. When I finally listened to the first two recorded calls (thank goodness for playback) and went through the corresponding workbooks, I knew why Ava invited me into the group, and was immediately grateful and inspired.

Throughout my time in the group I underwent so many personal mindset changes and solidified my business plan with much more passion and intuitive rightness than any business classes and books ever suggested. I became very clear in who my ideal client is and how my experiences give me a special connection with them — and it turned out to be far from what I originally conjured up in my mind. What I love about Ava’s process is that it’s not about coming up with an answer just to have an answer; it’s about easing into the flow of allowing the information we need to come into our awareness.
Being part of a small group through this process was perfect – we posted our successes, our worries, and our inspirations in the name of sharing support within a trusted community. We challenged one another to grow and learn, while also completely accepting each woman for who she is and what she does in her business. I connected very well with one woman in particular, and we continue to support and inspire each other outside of the group. This program has played an absolutely integral role in my business and my personal growth, and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you Ava, and thank you Ladies!


~ Gabrielle

Los Angeles, CA



“Ava… Thank you so much for your affirmation, encouragement and advice! It is invaluable. You are worth every penny!”



“Working with Ava feels like being pulled up a steep climb that is too difficult to do alone.”


Naomi Smelling the flowersPrior to working with Ava, through Poised, Passionate, and Ready for Business, I was sliding through life and business.  I was growing in discipline and self-love through techniques that I had learned previously from Ava and from en*theos.  But I was also stuck in fear about money and about my ability to engage with clients. My business had literally sat for five or so months while I worked solid 40+ hour weeks in other jobs.

As Ava reached out to me with her new group program, I had a huge desire to work with her and lots of fear about making the financial commitment.  I am so grateful for her patience in walking me through each of my fears and limiting beliefs. Working in a group setting created a beautiful space for growth.  I have become a new person.

Within the first several weeks of Poised, Passionate, and Ready for Business, a couple hired me for basic nutrition coaching and a health food store tour.  After signing up for private coaching with Ava (because I wanted more) I received a payment of $1640 from a new client within one week.  The magic has continued to unfold as I face fears and give my love and voice to the world.  Two weeks ago I received a phone call from my local Chamber of Commerce requesting that I give the guest presentation for our upcoming Women in Business meeting this September.  I am grateful to have had the resources and support to say, “YES” to this opportunity.

Working with Ava feels like being pulled up a steep climb that is too difficult to do alone.  She has clearly traversed personal growth and business development challenges that many of us have merely stared at.  Her ability to send out a hand and guide the way is magnificent.  I cannot thank her enough for her engaging energy and helpful coaching techniques.

Who would benefit from working with Ava Waits?  All who are excited about living the fullest life possible while creating work that is tailor made to bring satisfaction and fulfillment.  Particularly those who want to leap through personal fears and limitations while building businesses.

Naomi Oyler
cultivating happiness



“EVERY time I spoke with Ava, she had valuable tips and together we set goals for the month that were achievable and progressive. “


I want to talk about my experience having Ava Waits as my health coach for the past 8 months.  I started with Ava in January and we have done our work over the phone since then.  When I first called Ava, I was overwhelmed and unsure of which direction to go with my process as a health coach.  Ava really helped break this down for me and together we created a step by step approach to setting up a business as a health coach.  Ava gave me simple tips like where to get my business cards printed but she also helped me fine tune my target market and how to break into my market.  EVERY time I spoke with Ava, she had valuable tips and together we set goals for the month that were achievable and progressive.

Most of all, Ava made me comfortable with my own process.  Everyone is different and everyone progresses at different speeds and in different directions and yet Ava’s tools are valuable tools for success.  Ava is not only a great personal health coach but also a great coach for anyone looking to become a health coach.  Additionally, I am so impressed with the way that Ava listens and really hears my questions and concerns. She is a wonderful person who is positive and very thoughtful toward her clients.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Debbie Betts
2015-02-06 11.34.15From our very first call, Ava had a way of making me feel comfortable and safe. She just has such a warm and fuzzy personality that I really resonate with. She is a great listener and advice-giver. During every call, she guided me through the difficulties I was experiencing, helped me get clear on what I really wanted for myself and my business, gave me brilliant ideas for how to deal with clients, marketing, and more. I really appreciate how Ava dives deep and asks questions that make you think about your beliefs and helps you to get clear.Ava gave me a ton of resources to help me grow my business, and was always willing to share her experiences and knowledge with myself and the other group members. I always felt like Ava was listening to me, that she was super excited for me and my growth throughout the program, and that she genuinely cared about me and the other group members.Ava is such a kind soul, and I’m thankful to have been in her coaching circle. I know this is not the end of our relationship, though. I’ve been following her teleclasses where she interviews other leaders in health and business, and I hope that one day I will be one of them! Thank you Ava, from the bottom of my heart! Sending you a virtual hug!
~ Lianne Soller, Health Coach
I help busy women sleep more, stress less, and wake up energized!



Before entering the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I was struggling with what the next 10 years of my career would look like, and I could not see a clear picture. As a healthcare professional who is passionate about nutrition and healing with whole foods, the Institute was the path I knew I needed to take. Part of the graduation requirements are talking to your own coach over the school year, and Ava was my coach. Ava inspired me to really spread my wings and look at the Health Coaching business in a whole new light. She gave me concrete ideas on how to network and market my business. I was also inspired by her newsletter and the creative programs she has developed.

The improvements I have seen since Ava and I began meeting are improved focus on my niche market, and where to market. The newsletter was a struggle for me to start, and Ava gave me great recommendations and the courage to begin the process. Ava also gave me great recipe ideas for myself when I was busy and traveling. It is very comforting to have your own coach focusing on your business success along with you as you grow.

There are so many, many more students out there but they have not yet taken the leap. The IIN program changed my life in so many positive ways. I have never had more energy, zest for life, or limitless possibilities than I do now. The coaching that the school and Ava have given me make it impossible to fail and only possible to succeed. I  am soon teaming up with a personal trainer who owns a gym. Together, we will support middle aged men and women to regain strength, energy and look and feel 10 years younger.

Thank you for allowing me to share my testimonial with all of you.

Renee McInnes RN, BS, CMC
Holistic Health Counselor


A year ago, I was unhappy in my career and not enjoying the lifestyle it necessitated.  My miserable job experience was overshadowing every other aspect of my life to the point I felt suffocated, was exhausted all the time, and was paralyzed with no idea what to do to change my situation for the better.  Then my mother called me one day and suggested I enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She had started her IIN program a few months back and said she kept thinking how perfect it would be for me. So I checked it out, decided it was the career change I never knew I’d always been searching for, and enrolled right away. As part of my time at IIN, I was blessed to work with my own Health Coach who supported me to become healthier and helped me launch my own coaching business. My coach was Ava Waits.

During my sessions with Ava, she supported me to uncover what was specifically causing problems and then gave helpful suggestions about what I could do to change it.  Through my work with Ava I realized a few things: I was not suited for the job or field I was working in and never would be; I needed to come up with a strategy for leaving so that I could start living the life I realized I wanted; and I needed to put myself, my health and my needs first in everything I did for once.

Ava helped me realize the areas that needed to change, and then helped me to clarify steps to take to achieve this change.  As a result, by our last session together, I had found the courage to leave my job and to take a less lucrative but way less demanding one while I launched my business. I was able to refine my business plan and vision for my life to the point where I could “see” what my future business would look like and how it would be marketed. I knew that I would finally stop sacrificing my sanity by neglecting my “me time”.  I am now happier and healthier than ever!

Working with Ava would be helpful for those who struggle to balance their professional and personal lives, those who would appreciate having a dedicated, positive cheerleader during the low points on the journey to wellness (Ava doesn’t give up on you even when you’ve momentarily given up on yourself), and those who need a versatile coach who can give tips on everything from nutrition, to business and marketing, to how to fit in a dance break when things get to be too much.

Thank you Ava!!

Caroline Anderson, BA/HC
Health Coach, Lifestyle and Wellness Professional


Before working with Ava and studying at IIN, I knew that I wanted to coach people in the healing power of food.  But I had no idea where to begin.  My own journey had brought me here through healing OCD.  I had a passion to share what I had learned, but needed help getting started.

I found my work with Ava incredibly valuable.  She was patient, engaging, intuitive, and practical. Through my coaching with Ava, I developed a business called Truly-U. Within the first several months of having my license, I worked with two clients. My newsletter following is growing and my confidence is beginning to blossom. Ava helped me to find my voice.

If you are someone with lots of ideas but no clear path of how to get to where you need to go, Ava is a fabulous guide. (And she will teach you to have fun with the process!)

Naomi Oyler
Atascadero, CA


Ava is amazing!  She’s inspiring and insightful and her energy is always joyful and uplifting.  I started my oliveleafoval2name2_196x182journey toward becoming a health coach, not really knowing what was in store.  I am so thankful for Ava’s desire to listen and encourage.  She helped me clarify my vision and find the confidence to build the business that I wanted.  I always find myself recalling her guidance and recommendations.  At this time, I have left my full time job of almost 15 years, to devote all of my time and effort to the life and career that I really want.  Inspiration is like a spark to dry brush.  Ava has inspired me to fervently pursue wealth, health, and happiness.  If you need someone to help you do the same, I absolutely recommend contacting Ava!

Joshua Snyder, CHHC


Ava is a very authentic and generous person who inspires me to live a healthier lifestyle.  Her gentle and enthusiastic approach is very effective in making me want to emulate her and take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  She has a deep knowledge about nutrition and she has introduced me to some ideas about having a healthy lifestyle on the go or when traveling which for me is always a challenge.

Patti Morneault


“Thank you for leading this 30 Days!  This was an opportunity for me to learn to listen to my body and to love myself.

During a family memorial service celebration (lasting 4 days!) I was able to maintain feelings of joy and centeredness. This was big for me as in the past being with this side of my family has been a challenge. Good foods (lots of vegetable juices and kombucha), wearing dresses that made me feel great, taking breaks when I needed to be alone, and listening to audio of one of my spiritual mentors gave me strength and clarity. Knowing that I was committed to feeling wonderful during those 4 days gave me the “green light” to put myself first!

Many of my relationships (family and work-related) improved over these 30 days.  My communication was more clear and I was able to say what I needed and how I felt. The response from family and co-workers has been great.

The very best thing that has come out of this 30 Days is a wonderful man that came into my life.  It feels so good to be with someone who I enjoy thinking about being with for a long time. He is motivated, kind, and good looking! Putting myself first gives me the ability to enjoy being around him more. And the more wonderful I feel, the more attractive I become!

This program was a great opportunity for me.

Thank you!”




“Before I began coaching with Ava I was managing my studies at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition quite well, but was clueless when it came to getting my business off the ground. I was downright scared at the thought of marketing myself and couldn’t imagine where I would find clients.

I now have a target market that is perfect for me, I have a talk scheduled at my local YMCA and I have two people signed up to do health histories with me. I even have a prospective new client for my personal chef business. On a personal level I have lost 5lbs, given up smoking, am managing my allergies through diet and am in a happy and supportive relationship.   

Ava helped me recognize my talents and resources and then to figure out how best to utilize them. She helped me realize that I have everything I need to succeed and the only thing holding me back was my attitude. Ava is a brilliant coach and is perfect for anyone who feels lost and directionless and who needs support to manifest their full potential. Who couldn’t use that?”

~ Anna Munetsi



There is no way around it, Ava Waits is a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air. She is a woman who is full of life and loves what she is doing in every way. Her enthusiasm and her ability to draw her coaching students in are infectious. While coaching via the telephone can seem daunting, Ava is able to reach beyond the miles and touch hearts and souls.

My experience with Ava Waits has been one of the most positive experiences in my life and is certainly a huge asset to me as I begin to develop myself and my work as a holistic health coach. For me, my personal and inner struggles were haunting me and she provided significant resources that helped me to do the work I needed to do (and continue to do) upon myself. Support as well as supplementary assignments gave me direction when I needed it. Through these readings and assignments, our monthly meetings grew to be of the greatest importance. Helping me grow, asking me the hard questions and allowing me to ask my own questions made all the difference in my experience as one of Ava’s students. She is a teacher and a leader who tells her own story eloquently, seeking always to inspire.

During our time together I was dealing with long standing health issues, the same issues that had led me to Institute for Integrative Nutrition and gave birth to my desire to help others. I feared these same health issues would rear their ugly heads and derail my hopes and dreams. A compromised immune system is a devastating thing, yet with Ava’s calming influence and level head I was able to talk to her and move forward. Even after a hospitalization in January for a new health issue, Ava gave me a hand that kept my eye on the prize as I furiously worked to keep up.

The improvements I have found after working with Ava are many. Perhaps the most outstanding improvement is that she gave me new tools to use in order to tap my inner strength and deal with those demons that we all have to deal with every now and then. Her personal integrity and joy also impressed me from the start, and continue to be a gift that keeps giving. More, her academic prowess and intellectual abilities gave rise to the kind of respect we all seek to give and receive.

I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from Ava’s gentle and caring counseling and support. Her take on life, food, nutrition and health is uplifting and always affirming. She is a true success story and seeks to create the very same in those students who come her way. She is a bright reflection upon all of us and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

~ Jana J. Pendragon Bowdish, M.A.,
Holistic Health Coach


Traveler card from Mary BurgDear Ava,

This card is a beautiful illustration of how I see you….
Ava Waits, lighting a path of magic and beauty, elegantly coiffed, striding confidently toward adventure, with rucksacks full of edible delights and other treasures!”

~ Mary Burg,
Certified Coach