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photo of Ava on stageIf you are looking for a guest business expert to teach your audience how to turn strangers into paying clients in 10 days, and make money in ways that feel like bliss, please contact us through Support@AvaWaits.com.

We welcome inquiries from companies of all sizes, entrepreneur organizations, women’s associations, media outlets, television channels, bloggers, internet radio shows, publishers, and universities.

Ava is available for keynote presentations, and also has a customizable sales training program, focused on finding bliss in the midst of the sales cycle. Occasionally, Ava will weave her nutrition background into presentations, such as her “Healthy Sales and Healthy Sales People” class. She also loves to support audiences with topics about women’s leadership, and millennial entrepreneurship.


Rick Steves banner“Ava is not only easy to work with, but her enthusiasm and knowledge is unparalleled. Our customers truly enjoyed her classes.”

~ Heather Locke, Speakers’ Bureau Coordinator at Rick Steves’ Europe, Inc.


Ava has spoken at many companies, fundraisers, and organizations, including:

Rick Steves Europe

United Way Power of the Purse fundraiser ~ Keynote presenter

Ragnar Wealth

The Evergreen State College ~ Olympia, WA

NAPMW – National Association of Professional Mortgage Women

Global Entrepreneurship Week ~ Maui, Hawai’i

Distant Lands Travel ~ Pasadena, CA

The Lewis County Business Expo

The Olympia Food Co-Op

Marlene’s Market & Deli

Mother Earth News


United Way LogoI met Ava for the first time in 2012 at a United Way fundraiser called “The Power of the Purse.” She immediately captured my attention with her genuine and positive keynote message. Ava spoke of that spark that has driven her from the time she was young, and how it led her to open up to abundance. And it stirred something in me!
~ Anne Goranson, Regional Director at Washington State Employment Security Department


A Few of Ava’s Available Presentations

(Browse additional topics by clicking  here, or contact Ava at Support@AvaWaits.com to develop a custom presentation )

“Healthy Sales and Healthy Sales People”

Ava is available to provide training for small businesses and large companies who are preparing for upcoming periods of increased sales (such as holidays, seasonal sales increases, or new promotional periods), and would like their staff to stay healthier, and have more fun making sales and making money.

Ava will first weave her nutritional background into this presentation to talk about several natural, food-based ways to increase immunity, reduce stress, and reduce sick days.

Ava in Wailea chair2Next, she’ll provide sales and customer service guidance to your staff, to support them in increasing sales.

For this part of the presentation, you can choose the topic(s) most relevant to your company, which she’ll blend into her customized presentation for your business:

~ How to turn a stranger into a paying client in 10 days

~ Become the person/company that people want to spend time with and buy from!

~ Memorable customer service that gets you talked about

~ How to create a personal image that leads to more sales

~ Elevate your product or service to make it more sought after

~ 8 easy ways to have more energy, focus, and charisma in your next sales conversation

~ How to have happier and more productive sales conversations

~ 7 successful responses to objections like, “I can’t afford you,” “I need to talk to my spouse about this decision,” and “not right now.”

~ Successfully selling to women

~ 3 easy ways to earn more income from existing clients

~ Sales ethics (because you never want potential clients to spread reputation-harming stories about sleazy selling)

~ Nutrition for traveling sales people


“How to turn a stranger into a paying client in 10 days”

~ There was a woman who came to a class IAva under arches cropped was teaching back in 2009. That night, she booked a consultation to learn more about working with me. The next week, she happily handed me a check and committed to a 6 month contract. She was my very first client.

~ Not long ago, I was getting a chair massage at an open house, and started up a conversation with the woman next to me. Turns out that I had met someone who would become my next client, all while getting my shoulders rubbed!

All of these people were total strangers who became paying clients within 10 days from our first meeting.

Do you want people to say “yes” to working with you or your sales team just as quickly? Do you want fresh income to arrive shortly after meeting prospective clients?

“How to Turn A Stranger Into A Paying Client in 10 Days” is the presentation that will show you how. In this training, Ava will take you through details on where to connect with strangers who are your ideal clients, how to interact with them during that very first contact, and how to turn that new relationship into a sale, often in under 10 days.

This presentation is particularly relevant for entrepreneurs and companies in industries such as: nutrition, private practice health care, chiropractic, acupuncture/alternative healing, coaching, product sales, travel & hospitality, insurance, auto sales, and many others.


“How to make money in ways that feel like bliss”

2015-08-21 13.06.46Many of us have been taught that doing hard work in an unhappy environment is what will make us the most money.

It’s time for a different story.

In this presentation, you’ll be guided to identify key talents and passions that you can use to make money in ways that feel really good. You’ll also have the opportunity to look at expanding the most delightful aspects of your existing career, or stepping into an entirely new profession that will let you become happier and wealthier.

Once you’re clear on what you can joyfully provide to the world in exchange for income, you’ll also determine what kind of environment you need to build around yourself, and within yourself, to be able to make money in ways that feel like bliss. To do this, Ava will be sharing guidance from the “Make Life Richer, Right Now” chapter in her upcoming book, A Woman’s Treasure: Grow A Business Where Making Money Feels Like Bliss. This chapter is about saturating your life with the feeling of wealth, and also looking at ways to find low-cost (and sometimes completely free!) ways to experience riches. The processes that she’ll share with you have allowed her to go on free writing retreats in a $1.5 million dollar mansion, ride in privately owned planes, receive a free photoshoot in Paris, and get hired for new jobs within 10 minutes to 1 hour.


“You are my lucky charm. I signed 2 clients today at my highest prices.”

~Lisa Fitzpatrick 
Sacred Women’s Business and Soul Purpose Coach 


Before Power of the Purse“Thank you so very much for sharing your powerful message to the attendees of the Power of the Purse.  Your story and the message behind it serve to energize and bring awareness to the very important solutions to issues women face.”

~ Shelby

United Way of Thurston County


Here are several videos to get a sense of Ava’s speaking style.

Watch more videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/AvaCWaits


“One little Ava-ism completely re-framed a negative belief I had in my business and gave me a record breaking day.”

-Tammy Guest, Naturopath 


Speaker FAQs

What are your speaking rates?

Every speech and training is customized to fit your audience and their needs, and because of this, speaking rates will vary. Ava looks forward to chatting more about all of the details so that you can create a memorable event. She can be reached at 206-669-3334, or through email at Support@AvaWaits.com.


Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a non-refundable 50% deposit is due in order for Ava to reserve the date(s) for your audience.


What are your travel expenses?

On top of the speaking fee, booking Ava will also require travel and lodging expenses, particularly for training and speaking outside of Maui, Hawai’i.

Often, an event planner can book Ava in a hotel block that is reserved for event participants.

Ava flies out of Kahului Airport, from the Island of Maui, and flies in coach, unless otherwise specified. Depending on the nature of your event or company, it may be more convenient to book her on a company flight. To ensure that unexpected travel delays do not keep Ava from reaching you, it is most ideal for Ava to arrive at least 24 hours before any scheduled speech or training session within the United States, and at least 48 hours in advance for presentations outside of the United States.

A flat rate for Ava’s travel expenses can also be agreed upon prior to her travels.

For speaking and training booked on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, and cities in close proximity, travel expenses are greatly reduced, and in some cases, non-existent.


What about rescheduling?

Ava, on average, only gets a small cold once a year, so it is highly unlikely that she would need to reschedule based on a medical issue (if you’re curious to learn more of the nutrition secrets that help her never take sick days, you may also want to book her to train on that topic). If there does happen to be a medical emergency that prevents Ava from speaking, she will do all she can to make alternative arrangements that are suitable to both parties.


What is Ava’s speaking style?

Ava delivers her message in a relaxed and elegant way, with powerful undertones, and plenty of laughter. She is engaging, intuitive, fun, and practical.

Ava also loves to directly address audience questions through Q&A or brainstorming sessions.


To check Ava’s availability, please email Support@AvaWaits.com, or call 206-669-3334.