Sales Training


Ava teaches a fully customizable 10-part sales training program, best taught over the course of 2-3 days. She looks forward to creating a presentation that directly addresses what your company needs, and includes a collection of the topics below.


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Ava speaking to an audience of 300+ healthcare professionals

~ How to turn a stranger into a paying client in 10 days

~ Become the person/company that people want to spend time with and buy from!

~ Memorable customer service that gets you talked about

~ How to create a personal image that leads to more sales

~ Elevate your product or service to make it more sought after

~ 8 easy ways to have more energy, focus, and charisma in your next sales conversation

~ How to have happier and more productive sales conversations

~ 7 successful responses to objections like, “I can’t afford you,” “I need to talk to my spouse about this decision,” and “not right now.”

~ Successfully selling to women

~ 3 easy ways to earn more income from existing clients

~ Sales ethics (because you never want potential clients to spread reputation-harming stories about sleazy selling)

~ Nutrition for traveling sales people



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