If you are an author, I can help photoyou build your business around the book, so that people have more ways to work with you than just buying what you wrote.

If print advertisers have been trying to tell you that paying for ads with them is the only way to market your business, I will teach you how to market online for free. (I’ve never paid for print advertising for my business in the 8 years that I’ve been an entrepreneur.)

If you sell a service, and find that you are still a bit nervous in sales conversations, I can train you to have more successful, and happier, sales conversations. (And no, I’m not going to ask you to make 10 cold calls every day – ick.)

If you still struggle with money, I will share the steps I took to get out of poverty, and to get off of food assistance. I’ll also share the details of what happened when in one month my company was making $1200, and the next month I signed on $17,000 worth of new business.


Over the years, I’ve supported quite a few types of entrepreneurs:

Health professionals


Relationship coaches

Nutrition professionals

Architects & Contractors


Financial professionals

Inspirational speakers





Massage therapists

And many others


They’ve celebrated accomplishments like:

~ Getting invited to give a TEDx talk

~ Being gifted with completely unexpected income. (One woman was gifted with $5,000! Yes, this is what can happen when you shift your view on money.)

~ Receiving new clients

~ Having their first $10,000 months!

~ Falling in love (I don’t specifically teach about falling in love, but I’ve found that when a woman feels confident in her business and money interactions, it does great things for her love life.)

~ Receiving free gifts (an iPhone, bills paid for them, free gift cards, free car repair)

~ Getting approached by a book agent

~ Signing on some of their highest paying clients yet


I’d love to help YOU create magic in your life like this.

Bread Peddler flowers and hot chocolate

If you’d like to learn more about receiving business support from me, I’d love to invite you to a complimentary Making Money Feels Like Bliss consultation (valued at $250)

It’s easy to book your consultation:

Simply fill out this downloadable application so that I have more details about your business before we meet for our consultation. Once I receive your application, we’ll be in touch to book an appointment.


By the way, if we don’t know each other very well yet, I encourage you to listen to a few recordings such as this one or this one to get a sense of who I am, and how I can help. It will help you see if we are a good energetic match.

I look forward to sharing more about options for private mentorship when we meet for a consultation over the phone. Private consulting for individual entrepreneurs begins at $1,500, and there are several option to choose from.

It will be fun to work together!

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P.S. If you are a new entrepreneur who wants to get off to a great start, and want to work at your own pace to set the foundation for your business, please take a look at our digital programs.

30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction and The Year of Gold business training program are available in an online format, so that you can start learning right away.

There will also be more opportunities to join me in person in Maui, Hawaii for one of my workshops for entrepreneurs.


If you have any questions, please email Support@AvaWaits.com