Ava under arches croppedAva Waits is an inspirational speaker, business mentor, sales trainer, and author of the forthcoming book, A Woman‘s Treasure: Grow A Business Where Making Money Feels Like Bliss. She believes that making money should feel like bliss, and through her work, she provides innovative sales and marketing guidance to entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.

Ava originally began as a nutrition mentor, where she built a business as a full expression of her passions. By blending her love of travel, nutrition, and personal growth, she created a professional life that bent to her itinerary. For several years, she also taught the highly-popular Traveling Healthy in Europe classes in partnership with the company owned by travel TV host, Rick Steves.

Ava used entrepreneurship to pull herself out of poverty, going from food stamps and the food bank line, to signing on over $17,000 worth of business in one month. She is passionately committed to helping business owners release financial constriction, feel content with money, and live richer lives through entrepreneurship. Ava’s clients often receive surprise income, travel the world with their businesses, and start signing on new clients at their highest prices yet.

As a speaker, Ava has been interviewed on television, and has been invited around the country to inspire and train audiences at business events, women’s organizations, and financial companies. She has presented at United Way, the Women’s Day of Empowerment, Mother Earth News, the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women, and many others.

Additionally, Ava is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

She was a 2015 Global Millennial Award nominee.

To connect with Ava, and to view article and video archives, please visit www.AvaWaits.com.




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