The Wealthy Woman

The Wealthy Woman is here to make a difference in many lives. She has found her calling, and said yes to it, over and over again.
Along the way, there were many times when she wondered if her dreams could come true, if it was all possible, and if she’d be able to afford it all.
Then she learned about Universal truths, which insure her success. Ever since then, she has lived in a state of trust, and knows that her dreams are meant to come true.
She is now more connected to her own magic than ever before. Happy opportunities seem to fall into her lap. She creates a delicious life every day, and it keeps getting better and better. As she connects to this magic, money begins to flood to her, and happy clients come forward with readiness. She feels rich, she feels successful, and lives a life of incredible joy.
Her idea of rich doesn’t look like the stereotypes. It doesn’t necessarily include mansions or sports cars, though it may (or she borrows these every now and then.) The Wealthy Woman may be backpacking through the Alps, so she can admire the turquoise lakes, and caress the flowers growing on the hillside. She may be living in a home she’s wanted to own since she was very young, and every time she steps inside it, she laughs with contentment. She may be on silent retreats in the shimmering countrysides of India, or enamored with roadside restaurants in Vietnam, which from the outside may look like beaten up shacks.
She defined riches for herself.
In the process, she stepped into a delicious life that gives her everything she’s ever wanted.
And making money feels like bliss.
If creating money was once hard for her, it now feels easy. She’s just not worried about it now, and dollars and euros no longer hold the emotional charge that they once did. She has tapped into the bank of the Universe, and can create income on demand. If her funds ever feel a touch low, she doesn’t let it debilitate her. She knows how to create more money whenever she needs it, and she does. In the process, she changes lives.
She appreciates how her free-flowing income can be circulated toward businesses she believes in. With this money, she happily books trips to day spas, has a housecleaner whenever she needs one, and pays for financial guidance so her money can continue to grow. Her income gives her plane tickets, trips abroad, and the opportunity to share the gift of travel with people she loves. The Wealthy Woman also happily pays for quiet afternoons in restaurants, and finds that in that peaceful stillness, new ideas come to her.
She hires professionals who take care of her website, support her customers, and who look after aspects of her business that she’s not particularly suited for. She is immensely grateful for the gifts that her wealth brings her.
To grow, she continues to invest in herself and her business.
The Wealthy Woman lets intuition lead her to every opportunity that feels right, and she doesn’t care if other people judge her for her purchases. Her heightened intuition has led her to clients, mentors, and the many wonderful opportunities that support her business.
The Wealthy Woman is not tethered to a million possessions, since it is the experience of life that she will always appreciate and carry with her. She is very content with what she owns, and often likes to lighten the load by letting go of physical possessions that no longer match who she has grown into. It makes room for more riches.
At the same time, she enjoys gliding her hands over silky fabrics while searching for new clothes to adorn her body. She feels gorgeous walking into a Chanel boutique, and equally delights in looking for wardrobe treasures at thrift shops. She adores original artwork that inspires her, and if her intuition says “yes” to owning it, the price does not matter.
The Wealthy Woman also has absolute respect for her body and loves the sultry feeling of being comfortable in her own skin. This self-respect is visible in the way that she walks. The glow that comes through her is accentuated every time she bites into organic fruit and whenever she chooses the food that will nourish her physical body and her taste for fun. She’s not afraid to eat a 3-course meal, indulge in an afternoon hot chocolate, or to let her fine taste guide her.
The Wealthy Woman surrounds herself with the most delightful circle of people she knows, and is completely nourished by a day of laughter with them. She is selective about who she keeps company with, and has found a way to lovingly withdraw her energy from those who no longer fit, while bringing in friends and colleagues who are a delight to be with.
If the Wealthy Woman has a family, they play a huge role in her life, and it is her greatest joy to snuggle with them when she’s not running her business.
If she is thinking about having a family, she’s already setting up her life and mindset in a way that will greatly support her future children and her spouse.
To the Wealthy Woman, life is a great blend of beauty, and a sigh of bliss.
© 2017 Ava Waits

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