We’re moving to Maui!


In 2013, I wrote a journal post outlining more than 2 pages worth of things I desired in my life, all written in present tense.

On the list was:
“I live in a brightly (naturally lit) home, with sunny views, an outdoor patio with fruit trees and vegetable gardens. It’s completely private, calm, and I’m inspired at this home.” I also wrote down that the home has hardwood bamboo floors.
While I wasn’t specifically clear about the location of this house, I always kind of expected that the comfortable home environment in my description would to be closer to the Mediterranean Sea, closer to Italian gelato, German flower fields, and French cafes. Many of you are aware that I have desired to live on the European continent for years now, but life hasn’t yet moved in that direction. At the same time, I also trust in the timing of every opportunity in my life, and am especially open to opportunities that I haven’t even dreamed of.

And I was just given an opportunity I’ve never dreamed of!

Hawaii didn’t show up as a possibility for our next home until very recently, when all of a sudden, it became the EASIEST move for us to make.

Now Dylan and I will living on Maui beginning August 2017!

~ We have our tickets booked.
~ Once we move, we have a house waiting for us near the North Shore of Maui. It has EVERYTHING in the description of my ideal environment from back in 2013– papaya trees, trumpet flowers, an outdoor patio, and even bamboo flooring!
~ I will be able to grow vegetables, fruit, and flowers on this property, and reengage with plants in a way that I haven’t been able to at my current home.
~ Charlie the dachshund (the dog who opened my heart to little animals in a whole new way last year) will be living with us on Maui, and he will be such a good influence for Melon the mini dachshund as she adjusts to her new environment.
~ Since Dylan grew up on Maui, we have a community of friends and family already built in.
~ My little brother and brother Monks live just a couple Islands over, and I’ll be able to visit with them more often with a home base in Hawaii.


As with every life adjustment, I also recognize that I’ll have some opportunities to grow:
~ As an “Earth girl” who loves the smell of dirt and trees, I’ll need to get more comfortable in the water (currently, I rely on a pool noodle to hold me up while I snorkel, and I’m sometimes nervous when it comes to taking those first steps into the waves.) So, I gotta work on that.
~ I get to test if the business I’ve built can thrive no matter what location I reside in. Years ago, I set the intention to be location independent so that I could move anywhere that life pointed me to. I’ll still be training entrepreneurs over the phone, and I’ll also host some live events in Hawaii. It’s my hope to connect to conferences happening in the Hawaiian Islands, so that I can come in as a speaker to train on Turning Strangers into Paying Clients in 10 Days, Healthy Sales and Healthy Sales People, and several other presentations that I offer.
~ As I pack up, I will condense my material belongings into what can fit into a few boxes and a few suitcases. It means that I’ll be looking for loving new homes for many of my possessions (like my bistro table desk and some antiques), and I’ll also be selling the larger pieces of my artwork I’ve made, which should remain in a climate with lower amounts of humidity.

In preparation for the move, I’ll be taking many nostalgic tours through Washington State in the next couple months so that I can revisit special moments from my time growing up here – everything from “visiting Grandpa and Grandma’s house,” and eating at the Antique Sandwich Company with my Mom.


A huge thank you to Dylan (along with his family and friends), who are the connection to this passion fruit and rainbow filled opportunity in the middle of the Pacific ocean.


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