“I hear you make good money.” ~ A grocery store conversation

“I hear you make good money.”

A woman who I had spoken with a few times throughout my 11 years in this community looked at me across the grocery store aisle.

It wasn’t a statement-question that I was expecting to hear on a morning when I needed organic lettuce and fruit. I didn’t have very long to respond to her words, but it got me thinking even more about money and our relationship to it. If she and I had 30 minutes to talk that day, rather than the 4 minutes in passing, here’s what I would have shared with her:

1. I make my own version of “good money,” which allows me to do the things in my life that are important to me. A million dollar home isn’t currently important, and neither is an expensive car. It means that I don’t have to make a level of money to support a high-end house or vehicle. (When I worked as a landscaper in college, the largest property I weeded was a $1.5 million dollar home – and it took A LOT of upkeep! It seemed like every day, a handy person, cleaner, or gardener was tending to the property.)

What IS important to me right now is the ability to travel, and to buy as much organic food as I want, without sticking to a food budget. At times when I didn’t have access to a lot of food, I longed to be able to eat without restraint (Thankfully, I was trained in nutrition and holistic health prior to the work I do now. It allows me to make healthful food choices that I actually CAN eat without restraint.)

2. Some of my clients earn more money than I do. (I love it when that happens!) And even if they do earn more money than I do, we still have conversations that help them advance in their business and finances. Their success doesn’t depend on me earning a certain amount. Each one of us has our own level of “good money” to reach ~ I have mine, and they have theirs.

3. I invest a substantial amount of my income back into mentors and training programs, along with a few astrological and psychic readings each year. I learn important things about my path and next steps from conversations with mentors, and I find the investments to be completely worth it. If you look at my yearly expenditures, about a third to a half of my income goes back into my education.

4. I’m not afraid to drain my bank account to $1 if it’s necessary, because I’ve learned that my account is not my value as a human being. In fact, you and I have probably communicated at a point where I had very little in my bank account after an investment. Even if that was the case, I’ll still got dressed in my best, did my hair, and confidently stepped forward in this world. I know that all of the money that ever comes to me is supposed to be circulated through purchases that I make. If an investment takes most of the money that I currently have stashed away, I trust that more income will flow in to make up for the hole.

5. If you were to ask some of my entrepreneurial clients what we talk about in our appointments, many of them will say, “Ava teaches about the energetics of money,” because that’s a big piece of what we do. I also teach them skills to turn strangers into paying clients in 10 days, find bliss in the midst of the sales cycle, and feed the source of their success.

6. Even though most of my clients are entrepreneurs, I’ve also worked with some really wonderful employed people, who have simply wanted to be happier at their jobs. And being happier at your job leads to pay raises, more opportunities to advance, and more feel-good chemicals floating through your body!

7. Many humans have conflicting thoughts about the topic of money. Some people desire to make a lot more money, but then they feel jealous or upset when other people earn more than they do. Many people have uncomfortable thoughts about money (“What will my friends think of me if I make more?” “Will my parents disown me if I out-earn them?” “Will people think I’m a rich b*tch?”) I used to feel a pang of jealousy when I saw friends and colleagues out-earn me. Now I’ve trained myself to celebrate their success. After all, if I am witnessing their advancement, it means I’m also attracting that kind of success into my life at this very moment.

If you desire to make your version of “good money” this year, I’d love to talk and see if  I can be part of your happy support system. I’m getting ready to accept 2 wonderful humans into my Tapping the Bank of the Universe private mentoring program, which runs this spring. This is a 60-day journey where you and I will look at the energetic and practical ways to welcome more income. I especially love helping women develop the capacity to create money whenever they need it.

If you’d like to learn more, let’s arrange for a complimentary Making Money Feels Like Bliss appointment by phone or Skype, or in person in Olympia, Washington. This is one of the most affordable ways to hire me privately, and I expect the 2 spots in Tapping the Bank of the Universe to fill up quickly.

I look forward to hearing from you!
~ Ava

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