Do you judge where your money comes from?

Do you judge where your money comes from?
~ If you’re an entrepreneur, do you feel guilty if your client decides to use a credit card or borrowed money to pay you?
~ Do you believe that when someone pays you, they become more poor?
~ Do you try to force money to be delivered in a certain way?
~ Do you say, “My money can only come from a particular channel, such as my business,” when in reality, the majority of your money is flowing in from a source that is entirely separate from the company you’re building?
Some of my clients come to me for entrepreneurial guidance, with the intention to make more money from their businesses. We chat about their ideas, build marketing plans, and I train them to turn strangers into paying clients in 10 days.
But then…they receive money in some unexpected way that may not even have to do with their business (a spouse decides to financially support them, they receive an inheritance, some amazing job offer shows up that they feel very aligned with, someone asks to hire them for a talent that they didn’t even realize could be valuable.)
And yet….they continue to beat themselves up because the money didn’t show up in the exact way they wanted it to show up.
It’s time to stop judging the source of your money.
Energetically, when we say, “No, my money can’t come from that source,” what we’re doing is repelling our future income. If we are unappreciative, the flow of our income may slow.
If you find that you’ve been judging the source of your income, a simple step is to begin celebrating every amount of money that comes to you (whether your neighbor paid you to feed their cat, or you just signed on a new client). Express your excitement for the income. It’s also important to suspend your judgment as to how a new client pays to work with you. If they borrow the money to hire you, or if they tap into a retirement fund, it’s their choice, and we should still honor that income as we receive it.

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Ava Waits is an inspirational speaker, business mentor, sales trainer, and author of the forthcoming book, A Woman‘sTreasure: Grow A Business Where Making Money Feels Like Bliss. She believes that making money should feel like bliss, and through her work, she provides innovative sales and marketing guidance to entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.

As a speaker, Ava has been interviewed on television and radio, and has been invited around the country to inspire and train audiences at business events, women’s organizations, and financial companies. She has presented at Rick Steves Europe, United Way, the Women’s Day of Empowerment, Mother Earth News, the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women, and many others.

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