Master Your Emotions, and Make More Money


I’ve come right up to my fears in my almost 8-year journey owning a business

~ The fear that I will have absolutely no money

~ The fear that I will be late on a payment for a bill, or won’t be able to afford rent

~ The fear that my credit or debit card will be declined

~ The fear that people will be unhappy with me

~ The fear that I won’t have enough clients

~ The fear that friends won’t like me, because I talk positively about money while they are struggling


Most of these fears manifested during my journey.

And….looking back, they were the most amazing teaching experiences.

All you do is calm down, get smart, and figure it out.

Every one of the fears I had was totally fixable. None of them ended up being as big and scary as I thought they would be.

When I was concerned about paying rent, I found a nearly $400 income opportunity in the same room that I was sitting in. THE SAME ROOM.

When I was scared that I would be late to pay a bill, I discovered an unexpected check in my mailbox.


But here’s what I see over and over again with humans.

When their emotions get in the way, they all of a sudden CAN’T SEE the most simple answer, which is hanging right in front of them.

When the emotions of fear, upset, shame, and frustration completely take over, you stop being able to function properly.

That’s why part of my job is to help you bring yourself into a state of calm bliss so that your emotions don’t blind you to the opportunities, income, and the gorgeous experiences that are immediately available to you.

This is why you’ll often see me practicing the arts of stillness, gracefulness, and elegance. It’s why I will zone out and thoroughly enjoy the daily activities of grocery shopping, sipping tea, and taking walks. It’s why I smile a secret smile in my world of happiness. I am more clear and receptive when my emotions are calmed.



Master your emotions and your attitude, and you’ll be able to see all of the opportunities that are lingering around you ~ the opportunities that you might be currently blind to. You’ll be able to problem-solve, find your way, find the money you desire, find the clients you are ready for, and do so more swiftly than you ever have.

If you ask for something, an answer is immediately available.

Are you ready to see the answer?



Copyright © 2017 Ava Waits

Ava Waits is an inspirational speaker, business mentor, sales trainer, and author of the forthcoming book, A Woman‘sTreasure: Grow A Business Where Making Money Feels Like Bliss. She believes that making money should feel like bliss, and through her work, she provides innovative sales and marketing guidance to entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.

As a speaker, Ava has been interviewed on television and radio, and has been invited around the country to inspire and train audiences at business events, women’s organizations, and financial companies. She has presented at Rick Steves Europe, United Way, the Women’s Day of Empowerment, Mother Earth News, the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women, and many others.

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