Do you love the basic foundation of your life?

Do you love the basic foundation of your life?


Sweet moments on Maui with a little dachshund named Charlie

I’m talking about the everyday things that occur regularly for you.
~ The family and friends you interact with most often
~ Your house, bedroom, yard
~ The repetition of your work schedule
~ The time you spend cooking your food
~ The projects you’re working on
We often set our big and grand intentions, and think that those are the things that will bring us happiness in life.
While those big and grand intentions are incredibly FUN, I’d like to argue that it is the basic foundation of our lives that creates the majority of our joy.
Last year, I was walking from my home into the center of the city, and realized that even if I achieved all of the dreams I had (going on television, getting my first book published, doing more public speaking, traveling to more foreign countries, more radio interviews), that the majority of my life would still be…….. THIS.
My walks, and the simple everyday actions and interactions that I have with the people who are present in my life.
I have recently set some fun intentions for the year ahead, but I know that these will make up a very small fraction of my life, because my day-to-day actions, and the basic foundation that I’ve been constructing for years, will always be here.



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