Living In A Garden Shed


When I was in high school, I was driving with someone I knew, and we went past a hardware store. The parking lot was lined with those pre-made outbuildings, which are commonly purchased as garden sheds. The sizes ranged from 3×4 feet, to 10×10 feet.

I excitedly pointed at them and said: “I could live in something that size.”

The woman I was with quickly said to me: “Well, I hope you have higher ambitions than that.”

This always stuck with me because I was confused at why it was not okay for a girl who DID have high ambitions (I was dedicated to school and had big entrepreneurial dreams even back then) to live in a small space.

Today, I can live out of one suitcase for months of travel, and at home, I have a little room of my own in a house. I like not being responsible for a lot of possessions and living space, and yet, I also enjoy experiencing big and grand things from time to time (like borrowing mansions, stepping into fancy buildings in the center of the city, and cruising in large jet planes).

Wealth is measured by so much more than just size, and we can go as big or as small as we desire.

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Ava Waits is an inspirational speaker, business mentor, sales trainer, and author of the forthcoming book, A Woman‘sTreasure: Grow A Business Where Making Money Feels Like Bliss. She believes that making money should feel like bliss, and through her work, she provides innovative sales and marketing guidance to entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.

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